Healing Yourself FIRST

‘’Heal yourself first and leave everyone else alone until you do’’. Let’s leave the concept of healing aside for a moment and introduce some grounded reality which often goes missing when we deal with ‘’spiritual stuff’’. A basic principle of creation and personal and spiritual development is free will, your power and ability to choose. Free will is sacrosanct; and neither you nor I can negate, override or change this fact in any way. Free will is the cornerstone upon which personal spiritual development stands.

In practical terms you can’t heal anyone against their will, or in ignorance of the part they play in their own health, illness or disease. To be effective healing must encompass the mind, body and spirit. The mind in relation to the thoughts, beliefs and actions of the person. The body in the physical symptoms manifesting as a result of the established mindset, and the spirit in the form of raised awareness of personal responsibility in the healing process. If you focus on the physical symptoms and ignore the other two you are doing no more than putting a plaster on an open wound. The underlying cause goes undetected; the root cause that goes unhealed will simply resurface again and again until the cause and the obvious effect are addressed and dealt with.

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The only person we can heal is ourselves, this we must do through the acquisition and application of knowledge and understanding. Knowledge of who we truly are, and understanding the relationship we have with the stranger who lives our life. You learn to heal yourself through this process; you are then able to educate others to take personal responsibility for their own healing by making the necessary changes in their thoughts, beliefs and actions.

A large number of people in the world operate in a victim mentality mode; nothing is ever their fault, they believe they are powerless to change and sit around waiting for someone to come and save, rescue or heal them. Illness and disease is a prime example; in their mind their illness is just bad luck or genetic inheritance, when in reality it has more to do with their sedentary lifestyle. The lack of exercise, unhealthy diet, the use of recreational drugs and their dependence on cigarettes and alcohol. The only way these problems can be addressed is through education. First educate yourself, then help them to heal themselves through the identification of the underlying causes seeking expression in behaviour and physical conditions.

Healing Yourself FIRST

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Our psychology becomes our biology; this is established medical science that what begins in the mind must find expression in the physical body. Negativity in all its many forms is toxic and as such a poison which damages whatever it comes in contact with. The duration will depend on the circumstances and the people involved. For many it’s a result of conditioning at a very early age but things like anger, hatred and guilt and the belief in the power of the word…

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