Fairies – Friends Forever

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This article is about fairies and how to connect to their world. Fairies are elemental beings and loving creatures that help humans, environment and animals as well. Evidence of the existence of fairies is present in different cultures and religions. They are nurturers and protectors of the environment and animals. They are also good with children. Butterflies, dragonflies and toadstools are some signs to ensure the presence of fairies around. Fairies can also help humans in various areas of their lives. They can bring joy, abundance, prosperity, playfulness, love and many more materialistic gifts.

When you should call or approach fairies?

Since they are elemental beings, they can help humans fulfilling their material needs. Along with that, you can call these lovely beings for bringing joy, upliftment and protection. Fairies can fulfill your desires, helping you with manifestations, buying or selling houses, finding lost objects and getting your dream job/career.

Fairies are amazing healers who can support the healing of humans, trees and animals. Being elementals, they are close to nature. If you are willing to grow beautiful gardens in your homes, fairies are ready to serve the purpose.

Who can connect with fairies?

Anyone can connect with fairies but since they are elemental beings, they have egos and judgements. Unlike angels, they don’t serve unconditionally. They judge humans on the basis of how they treat environment and animals. In order to seek their help, they might give you tasks to make the environment better. To connect to fairies, one needs to have a loving and caring nature towards other living beings (trees, animals). Use more environmental-friendly and cruelty-free products in order to get help from the fairy world. The more love you show to Mother Nature, the more you get closer to their world.

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Fairies - Friends Forever

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When you should call them?

  1. Feeling low or lacking joy in your life. They will bring joy and happiness.
  2. To bring prosperity and abundance.
  3. Buying and selling houses. They can help you get your dream home.
  4. Missing or lost objects.
  5. Manifestations.
  6. Choosing the right career.
  7. Healing.
  8. Help children. They are very good with children when it comes to adjusting to a new environment or when they need protection.
  9. Relationships. You can bring joy, peace and harmony in your relationships with the help of fairies.
  10. Taking care of pets. Your pet is not well and needs help to heal or to recover or any other issues? Just call the fairies to heal and help them recover. They are also good with stray animals.
  11. Growing beautiful gardens.
  12. And many more!

How to connect with Fairies?

  1. Reiki can always help you connect with the fairies and their world. Draw Reiki symbols CKR and HSZSN in the air. Set an intention to connect with fairies.
  2. Call the archangels and ask them to help you with the connection. You can also…
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