How to Use Heart Energy Part 2

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Your job is not to want to seek out those who have heart energy. It is more important for you to learn how to fill your heart with this energy.

Don’t worry if others do not instantly see what you are doing and respond to it.

It is important at this time for you to learn this trick, to learn how to do this and fill your heart, your soul, your body, your being with this energy and send it out like a bubble around you. Let it surround your whole being all the way around you down into the ground, up into the sky, around and out.

That is your expansion at this time.

That is what you need to do now and not worry about what others feel or if they are returning this to you.

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You may be seeking those who return this to you, however, at this time, you must learn how to expand heart energy so it is always there with you.

Expanding heart energy is not necessarily a matter of learning. It is a matter of allowing.

For so many years, the people on this planet have been bombarded with negative energy that has come to them through newspapers, televisions and computers. This negativity is surrounding and being forced into the eyes, the brains, and the ears of the people. It is like a deadly virus that has begun to consume the people on this planet.

As with any virus, it may take some time for the goodness to go in, start gobbling up the negativity (the darkness), eating away at it so that it will disappear from the body.

It is necessary to turn away from this negative information and begin to look at things in a new light. Begin to feed your body with good foods. Read books that will bring enlightenment and joy into your eyes and your ears. Find friends who will speak in the same tones, in the same words, and in the same speaking as you are now speaking.

The more that you do this, the easier it will become for you to open your heart energy and allow it to flow outside of yourself.

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