How to Use Heart Energy Part 3

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It is important to be one with the Universe. Although it may not seem easy to do this in the beginning and although you may not believe in the Universe, please note that this is not necessarily religious.

This concept is more spiritual…more of being who you actually are as a light-being that has been brought forth onto this planet. It will allow you to go back to what you were prior to your coming to this planet.

Hopefully you will take this to heart and be willing to work at it.

Again, it may not seem as if it is easy to do. You may resist it because it is so much easier to continue to allow the news outlets to bombard your eyes, your ears and your fingertips with this information.

It is much easier to sit and continue to be absorbed by that, to allow this flashing to continue within the body because it stimulates the nerves, the neurons, and the brain cells such that they are numb with this information.

You want the numbness to go away.

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You want to open yourself up and allow your body to be free, to allow the energy in your body to flow again on the right path.

To do this, you need to open yourself up and begin to heal yourself from the inside out…

…putting in the right foods…

…putting in the right words…

…and putting in the right friends and people around you.

This will begin to open your heart energy such that you will be open, joyful, and passion-filled.

Lifting the Fog

For so long, people have been walking around in a magical fog that has clouded their heart energy and clouded their minds in such a way that they no longer know of any other existence. Unfortunately, they are the ones who must lift the fog, but fortunately, they’re the ones who can do this.

You can do this.

You must seek directly inside yourself and try to find deep inside a kernel of change that can occur, something, some spark, some change within you that you can reach into and say, “I now can lift this fog. I can make it go away. I can see what is in front of me. I can take away what it is that’s been presented to me by others who continue to provide me with this information. I can look at different information and say I reject the other. I no longer want to be a part of that. I now want to do something different.”

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This is what you need to begin to see.

There is a different way of seeing this information and you have the ability to change what is presented to you, to no longer see it and no longer be a part of it.

If you can but begin to see that you are part of the Universe, you can change your life. You can make it different and make it better.

However, you are the only one that can do this. No one else can do it outside of you for you.

If the televisions and the computers are bringing information to you on a continuous stream, and if the newspapers, if the words of the newspapers are always there and it’s always the same information over and over again, why do you continue to read it? Why do you continue to be a part of this fear system that has been brought forth onto this planet?

You need to be able to change it. You need to be able to change yourself, and thus in changing yourself, you will be able to walk away from the information that continues to be presented.

You can have a better and more joyful life because you are no longer buying into the fear factor that continues to present itself to you and continues to try to manipulate your life and your time and what it is you are trying to do.

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Each individual person on this planet has the ability to remember that he or she is part of the Universe.

It is but a small bit of time that you must invest to begin to change and to lift the fog that has clouded over your mind for so many years and so many centuries and so many eons of time that you no longer remember where it is that you came from and you no longer remember that you are a part of the Universe.

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