How I Manifested a House – Selling and Buying a New One Fast!

Buying and selling houses with the Law of Attraction is something I have been successfully manifesting for over 15 years.

Each time I decide to move, I manifest a better house than the last.

The first time I used the Law of Attraction to move, I was living in a rundown mobile home in an equally rundown area. There was no air conditioning, and in the summer it would get hot enough to cook an egg on the sidewalk. Every holiday, police cars would drive around the neighborhood blaring a recording stating that it wasn’t safe to fire guns in the air.

It wasn’t the best area, but it’s where I grew up. To me, it was home…until I decided it was time for my mother and I to move somewhere nicer, somewhere safer.

Two months later we moved into a new home. It was my first time living in an actual house. It was safe, spacious, and, best of all, it didn’t have any holes in the floor! While that home would be unimpressive to most people, it was a vast improvement from where I was living just a few months earlier. I lived there until I finished my studies.

About a month before I graduated (I graduated in December of that year), I learned I had to move for work. Between final exams and my start date, I had a very narrow window for everything to work out right. I had to sell my house and buy another by December 21.

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I decided I would move by December 19. I had an unwavering belief that everything would work out, despite everyone telling me all the obstacles. I never prepared a backup plan because I never believed I needed one. I knew I would move by December 19.

And I did! On December 19, the moving van drove off with all of my household items, and I drove off in my car with my cat. Both houses closed on the 20th. The driver for the moving van lived in the same area I was moving to and was on his way home for the holidays, eliminating any delays. He delivered everything as soon as he arrived on the 21st.

I still had never heard of the Law of Attraction. I simply used the techniques I had used all my life to create what I wanted. It’s the basis for everything I write about here and in my books. I know it works because it’s what has always worked for me.

I’ve been manifesting and teaching friends and family the art of creation since long before Rhonda Byrnes created “The Secret”.

I’ve learned that the more you use heart energy and the Law of Attraction together, the more powerful your results become with the Law of Attraction. Manifesting really becomes effortless.

Also, the longer you do the various techniques I teach on this site, the more you’re able to surrender and trust that everything is working out for the best, what you want is coming to you, and only good things are drawn to you. This adds a power to your life where you shift from playing small to going big in your manifesting. You’re truly able to receive much greater abundance, joy and fulfillment in your life.

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Which brings us to my most recent move…

My family and I were no longer happy with the area we were living in.

Personally, I wanted change. I was tired of playing it safe and staying in a familiar area simply because it was comfortable. I chose to jump past my fears and put my full faith in the Universe to guide me to a new area that was more aligned with who I am.

I took a giant leap and created a list describing where I wanted to go to. It included things like:

  • My family and I are happy living there.
  • It is a healthy and safe area.
  • Our house sells with more than enough money to pay off the mortgage, realtor fees, and closing costs, with money to spare.
  • We find a new house that makes us happy, and is healthy and safe, in the perfect timing. It is for terms that we love.

There was more, but as you can see, I kept the list general. I focused on things that were important, and how I wanted us to feel. I trusted that the Universe has our best intentions in mind. I knew that if it found us a house and a new location that made us happy, it would have to be a great place that had everything we wanted.

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And before I knew it, I was presented an opportunity that I couldn’t refuse to move to an area I never planned on ever visiting before, let alone moving to. At any other point in my life, it would have been an automatic, “No, I’m not going there. Are you crazy? I don’t care how good the offer is.”

However, I had put my full faith in the Universe to take us to an area where we’d be happy. In my limited point-of-view, I always thought this area wouldn’t make us happy. But my family and I decided to take the opportunity and trust that the Universe knew what it was doing better than we did. (In hindsight, it did because, surprise, surprise, we really do love it here!)

But I did make a little mistake when asking for everything I wanted…

When I created my list, I forgot about some key things around the sale of our old house. You see, we got a fantastic full-cash offer on our house the second day it was on the market. The…

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