How Reiki Is Accomplished to Draw Energy from Conscious to Superconscious State of the Mind – Episode 3

Article by Jaswinder Bhalla

Human conscious dwells in a limited space of consciousness. There is a limited circle within it, in which human reason can move and analyze the experiences emerging in one’s life. It cannot go beyond its time limit to accepting the cosmic impression while that can to be received in the state of superconsciousness easily. Superconscious is infinite. Shifting to the higher existence of awareness will stop earlier suffering of the lower conscious plane easily whether it is sorts of emotional or physical infirmities and/or the mind’s infirmities. In consciousness level, one gathers a lot of experiences throughout one’s life, but true wisdom lingers. Conscious is finite. The more in peace you are, the more you explore the higher consciousness. Peace enhances one being opened to a new conscious level of the mind.

Ignorance begins when conscious is mixed-up by all the conditioned thought. Ignorance upon conscious plane is too rigid to correct. Ignorance is the sum total of past instincts sans wisdom. So all such things arise when the mind is in the lower plane. It is universally acknowledged that Reiki keeps Prana-Urja in a balanced state. Reiki keeps energy balanced as it blends cold and hot energy, this means both major Nadi Ida and Pingala being active so during intense concentration both stimulate the Sushumna Nadi. When prana energy enters the Sushumna Nadi which opens the mind’s higher plane of consciousness it connects with universal energy forces and makes the difference that has not been witnessed before.

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After initiation, the mind begins to travel into the higher state of consciousness. Initiation starting through crown chakra right down to root chakra and energy flow increased through all chakras. During initiation of the three major Nadi being more active and cosmic energy entered into the Sushumna Nadi which destroys all the rubbish from the chakras and the aura. So Reiki provides more space for the conscious mind by removing all waste from the entire body. After initiation, it has been seen that major problem solved itself. Reiki gives the way to the mind to explore the higher state of consciousness. Even after Reiki session the mind becomes calm within ten minutes and begins to think of something new, meaning the space in conscious mind is to be free from worry.

How Reiki is Accomplished to Draw energy from conscious to Superconscious state of the mind

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How can one purify his conscious plane?

All of us thought of it since ages and discovered different methods of meditation time to time by spiritual teachers. Focusing sunrays on a convex lens is a consequence of thermal energy and ignition. Similarly when the mind is to be concentrated upon the third eye then all aversion comes under control that sparks fresh cosmic energy resulting in exchanges of cosmic energy from crown to lower chakras. The true solid fact that one can see and verify with one’s own eye inside by going in and seeing for himself.

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Like muddy water being purified when it’s still for some time, time…

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