A Massive Roundup of Inspiring LOA Links & Videos

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I’ve been collecting goodies for you from across the Internet.

A collection of Law of Attraction links and videos…

Inspiring, funny and miracle worthy

Here’s what I’ve gathered for you…

I recommend fixing a nice cup of tea. Making yourself comfortable. And giving yourself time to sip, savor and immerse yourself in the goodies waiting for you.

Or feel free to jump in and go through them as fast as you can.

Whatever works for you…

It’s all good.

Without further ado… Some lovely Law of Attraction goodies for you…

Melody Fletcher goes pretty deep into advanced manifesting concepts with her article, Does anything actually exist?

star Great article on the power of “I AM” by Joe Vitale

star Have you ever wanted to manifest something, but found it hard to begin because it’s something you’ve never experienced before? Maybe you want to be in a relationship, but you’ve never been in one and you aren’t sure how to visualize being in one… or maybe you want a million dollar check, but you’re having trouble imagining such a check… This article covers manifesting the unknown.

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star You can use these amazing decals to inspire you to move towards your dreams. Place them on walls, textbooks, mirrors…

star Often, we use the Law of Attraction for simple things, like a new job, meeting a specific person, or finding a parking space. But sometimes we want to go deeper. We don’t want to create just a new future, we want to create a different past. Cynthia Sue Larson gives you guidance for changing the past here.

star Want to apply the law of attraction to your business? Get some great tips here.

star Sometimes it’s a challenge to say, “YES,” to our desires. Limiting beliefs, resistance, and other little (or big) things can crop up to prevent the things we want from manifesting. We have to learn to say YES to opportunities with power and joy. This button might help.

And now for some gorgeous, uplifting videos to get your manifesting juices flowing!

star How Dr. Joe Dispenza’s daughter manifested an unlimited shopping spree


star Tarek Bibi shares a powerful tool to use in your manifestation work



star Bashar on why circumstances don’t matter


star Things You Can’t Do When You’re Not a Toddler


star Lilou Mace presents a quick and effective meditation to help you align with your heart’s desires

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star Dr. Joe Dispenza explains how you can reprogram your fears and your brain to create the happy life you want


star What Makes A Person Attractive?


star Panache Desai interviews Gregg Braden, asking questions many of us have always wanted to know the answers to


star Bashar on how we design our reality


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