How Reiki is Accomplished to Draw Energy from Conscious to Superconscious State of the Mind

Article by Jaswinder Bhalla

This is the first article of three article series “How Reiki is accomplished to draw energy from conscious to superconscious state of the mind”. All the true aspirant have sought liberation from matter and strive to acquire the meaning of existence/the higher state of superconsciousness, by employing different methods of spiritual tools. Nowadays a lot of techniques have been modified to gain the supreme state of the mind. The journey from consciousness to superconsciousness requires more patience, stability put into practice, inner-purification and the most of all faith upon themselves. It is possible, step by step to gain control over the mind with constant meditation by using the tool of observation within.

Quantum physics states that nothing, that is observed is unaffected by the observer that statement of science entirely holds an immense and mighty insight and is often described as being a flash of insight. The observation within oneself would lead to freedom from the slavery of matter, thought and emotion. The journey from consciousness to superconsciousness is not so easy task, step by step one would have to put more concentrated efforts to go ahead. Especially if the higher one wants to be on the conscious level the harder the practice is. Prior to this, one must understand the function of the mind and its working.

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Consciousness, unconsciousness, and superconsciousness are the three planes of the mind. Consciousness – which is accompanied with the thought and emotion that manifests the ego/‘I’, all the perceived emotion carried forward with the ratio of its perception; moreover, everyone sees a different truth, everyone is creating what they see, so the perception differs from person to person. The unconsciousness mind is somewhat different from the conscious mind as it is beneath conscious mind and stores information to resend to conscious mind when needed, and required, but it is free from any ego just like in the case of superconsciousness. So, conscious mind attributes ego while the other two are free from the ego/‘I’.

How Reiki is accomplished to draw energy from conscious to superconscious state of the mind

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All information when collected by the conscious mind is recorded automatically in the unconscious mind firstly becomes our instinct and then becomes second nature and can seem hard to change. If one wants to change the unhealthy bonds/bad habits then one must employ intensive concentration/observation to correct it. Action and reaction simultaneously arise when the mind is influenced by these habits. Over time the gap between the action-reaction diminishes and one’s wisdom will not develop further to cope with the situation. The gap between action and reaction is a fraction of second and this essential time plays an important role in one’s life to focus their energies on mighty deeds. When the mind is completely focused upon the fraction of time and being aware of all the activities that are going on around them, one can provide the real…

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