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Powerful Protection Spells To Ward Off and Defend

Living in today’s world can feel stressful and dangerous at times. Feeling emotional, spiritually, or physically unsafe can put a strain on your overall well-being and sap you of energy. Whether you are looking to enhance your emotional well-being, find some stability in a stressful world, or improve your self-confidence, working with protection spells may help.

By working with protection spells, you can protect and defend yourself and your family, reduce stress, banish bad energy ward off unpleasant people, banish unhealthy influences, and defend your belongings. To get started with protecting magick, we’ve listed some common protection spells for you below including a protective charm, a home protection spell, and a magickal ritual for safety. You might also like to check out our recipe for a witchy purifying spray or our step-by-step guide to making a protection spell jar or this purifying bath ritual.

How To Caste A Protection Spell

A protection spell is something you do with focus and intent in order to affect change. To put it simply, spells are a set of symbolic actions taken to activate change. When spellcasting, you function as the agent of change, directing and forming energy towards the desired outcome. Will spellcasting work instantly? Most probably not. Beware that magick generally takes time to manifest and you might not even notice the effects as they gently creep in bit by bit.

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Protection spell and defense magick generally works with a specific set of intentions to help you cleanse and cast our negativity. A protection spell focused specifically on protection may have several facets, use it to:

  • protect something or someone from negative energy
  • protect yourself or someone else from a specific danger
  • defend against attack
  • maintain a general level of defence

Working with defensive magick might also involve the natural magic of herbs, protective symbols, cord magic or working with stones and other objects.

Casting A Simple Protection Spell Step-by-step

  • To begin any protection spell, cleanse your space and any tools you might be using
  • clarify your intent (what you wish the spell to achieve)
  • visualise the desired outcome
  • perform the ritual steps
  • give thanks

Basic Shield Protection Spell

  • Center yourself and ground your energy by taking 7 deep breaths. Imagine yourself drawing up the earth’s energy into your core with each intake of breath
  • Visualize the energy extending past your core and expanding to form a physical bubble around you. You can imagine this like a soap bubble, gently encircling your entire body. You can also expand this bubble to encircle your entire house or apartment etc if so desired.
  • Secure your visualization with a protection spell chant. It might be something like “I invoke this shield of safety. No dangers or ills can befall me whilst I am safe within its magical protection”
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Waxing Moon Rituals For Protection

Generally, the first half of the moon cycle is associated with drawing things towards you. Think of this as an ideal time to invite positive energies, improved finances or increased health into your life. This protection spell ritual focuses on attracting general protection.

-What You Need: 

-Small white candle

-Some sort of candle holder

-Matches or lighter 

What to Do: 

1. Cleanse your space, focus your intent and ground your energy

2. Place the candle in the holder and light it. Say, “Waxing moon, provide me protection from all that seeks to harm me. I give thanks for your blessings”

3. Allow the candle to burn down.

How To Make A Protection Charm

Carring a protecive charm is an ancient practice. You can enchant a piece of jewelry you already own and wear this as a charm or you might like to purchase a new piece specifically for this purpose.

Make sure to cleanse the jewelry by passing it through incense smoke or by performing a cleansing ritual of your choice.  

What You Need: 

A stick of incense or a smoke cleansing herb bundle

Matches or lighter 

An item of jewelry

What to Do: 

1. Cleanse your space, define your intention and ground your energy

2. Light the incense or herb bundle. Pass the item of jewelry through the smoke, say- 

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ing, “By the power of this purifying smoke, I now cleanse you of all negative energy”

3. Hold the jewelry in your hands. Visualize the energy of the earth flowing up and filling your core. Direct the energy into the jewelry and say ” I charge this item as a shield to defend me against injury and danger.

4. Wear the item as often as possible—certainly every time you go out.

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