The Reiki of Wrinkle in Time

My son recently finished reading the beloved book. His interest in reading the book had little to do with the recent movie adaptation. However, I decided that once he was finished reading, I would take him to see the movie.

I felt an energy from the movie that resonated with me. I leaned over to my son and whispered, “This movie is a wonderful visual exploration of Reiki.”

There were so many wonderful quotes and beautiful scenes; that I realized this was a movie that I would want to watch over and over. I plan on borrowing it frequently from our library. I felt Reiki throughout this entire movie. Not just through the beautiful colors, majestic scenery, but in the words and how they were expressed.

Firstly, when Meg’s mother and father explain their research to a crowd of fellow academics, it made sense and felt similar to energy healing. Perhaps, not speaking in terms of galaxies, but comparable to distance healing. These quotes from the movie, while talking about tessering, remind me of distant healing with Reiki. Sending healing energy to one not physically near us. Visualizing the other individual and creating a pathway for the Reiki energy to flow.

Mr. Murry: What if we are here for a reason. What if we aren’t just in the universe but the universe is within all of us.
Mrs. Murry: Think about quantum entanglement. Two electrons, once bonded together, in love if you will, suddenly separated by a galaxy; but somehow still just as connected. An unbroken union despite being galaxies apart.
Mr. Murry: Imagine rather than enduring the oppressive rules of time and space we could wrinkle it…

With the introduction of the three Mrs., we discover that they are beings of beautiful energy.

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Mrs. Whatsit: We’re warriors who serve the good and light and the universe.

I’m not implying that Reiki practitioners are warriors, but we do work for the greater good and work with light.

Mrs. Which: Whatsit, those from Earth need more help than most. You know this. You could have prepared them better. We must help them stay focused on the light when darkness is present.

Mrs. Which is right, it can be hard for us to visualize the lightness and stay focused on it during times of darkness. Reiki helps us with that, with the use of the energy, we invite light in. In fact, my Reiki teacher had me visualize a waterfall of light cascading down me in order to activate the Reiki energy.

Mrs. Which: You just have to find the right frequency and have faith in who you are.

Frequency is a subject that you are probably familiar with through sound healing and Reiki. In one of the beginning scenes, Mr. Murry discovers that the key to his experiment is having the right frequency. He finds the right frequency by accident. It’s the sound of a lullaby being sung by Mrs. Murry’s. It’s infused with love for the baby Meg.

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Tessering can be a glorious experience and fill one with happiness. However, to tesser correctly, you have…

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