How To Avoid Twin Flame Separation Sickness

When the twin flame relationship enters its separation stage, or there is a fundamental break down of the twin flame relationship that ends in separation, we can experience many symptoms.

Some people will experience a feeling of physical illness, lethargy and, in some cases, frequent nausea. This phenomenon has a name – twin flame separation sickness.

So let’s talk about this separation sickness, what the causes are and, most importantly, how we can avoid it.

Separation Sickness

This separation sickness is not well studied.

This is for a few reasons, not least that it is challenging to get someone who is experiencing it to get the motivation together to start keeping notes on their misery.

They are, after all, dealing with an intense heartbreak.

But the reports are clear on a few things.

First, a feeling of emptiness tends to rear its ugly head. This is because, when we separate from our twin flame, we are literally losing a piece of ourselves.

It feels like some part of our being has been torn out, and we are left with the phantom pain of where it used to be.

Then, a feeling of being utterly overwhelmed. This can manifest as the common cold symptoms we are all too familiar with.

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We can understand this as problems in our energies, flooding of vibrations in our chakras that our newly torn energy makeup can no longer handle.

Then, lethargy and depression. This is our energy centres adapting to the new status quo, blocking themselves up like wounds scabbing over.

This is a self-defence mechanism but often causes the physical plane aspects of our problems to overwhelm us further.

Those are some of the symptoms, but how can we avoid them?

Avoiding Separation Sickness

The most effective way of not experiencing this separation sickness is to not separate.

Of course, this is often either not within our control or an unacceptable solution to this problem.

So what other ways can we avoid it if we must separate from our twin flame?

Firstly, we should remain communicative. Ideally, this would be with our twin flame, as it eases the whole process a lot to stay in contact.

However, communicating our feelings and emotions to a third party is useful too, as it keeps us in touch with our own spiritual experience and the emotional experiences that go along with it.

Secondly, we should maintain our spiritual meditative practice. At this point, our energies are so out of whack we do not know which way is up spiritually speaking, so we must ensure that we are well aware of our energies and do the extra work required to keep them in balance and unblocked.

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But lastly, we should use affirmations to remind ourselves that all of this will pass. We will adapt to our new situation – after all; the universe does not serve us challenges we are not up to.

Try affirmations like “I am strong”, “I am equal to this challenge” and other self-empowering sentiments.

It might also serve you, of course, to remind yourself that your twin flame is not gone forever. Maybe they are gone for a month, perhaps they are gone for a lifetime – but they are never truly gone.

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