Keep Clapping for Others Until It’s Your Time to Shine

Keep Clapping for Others Until It’s Your Time to Shine

As humans, we all want to reach our full potential and shine. But the road there isn’t always easy. Along the way, we must deal with the fact that others will achieve greatness before us. This competition should motivate us in theory–and we should keep clapping for others. But it sometimes does the opposite. It makes us feel unworthy, or like we are not good enough to make our dreams come true.

You lose control of the situation whenever you let other people’s actions influence yours. Even if you think that fighting others helps you, it will just distract you from your goal. Maybe you don’t believe the people who got ahead are worthy of their spot. Maybe they took what you thought should be yours. But even then, you should still clap for them. You should still be supportive even if they don’t deserve what they have. But that’s not just for altruistic reasons.

Supporting others has a positive effect on you and your development. It’s all about the mindset. Good things will come your way if you are a positive and supportive person. Plus, everyone has their own time to shine. Even if yours comes later in life, that’s ok. It will still come, and forcing your moment will only harm you.

When Is It Your Moment to Shine?

You can say that people shine when they have reached their full potential. They are fulfilled in all areas of life and can excel in what they love. It’s when they aren’t forced to work an awful job for a living. Instead, they have built a career they love and work with pleasure. But everyone’s moment to shine looks different and comes at other times.

Some people are extraordinary, and they shine at a young age. In this category, we could easily fit the kids who are so bright they graduate early. The kids who make ground-breaking discoveries and end up working at NASA are also part of this group. For most people, their time to shine comes later, though.

Most people make the mistake of thinking that to shine is to do something out of this world. But that’s not true at all. To shine is to reach one’s potential, whatever that might be. More importantly, it means to be happy in your skin. A mother will shine when taking care of her kids. Teenagers will shine when they finally figure out what they like. You don’t need to be revolutionary to shine.

That’s not to say that revolutionary people don’t shine. They do, and usually more than others. But that’s just because their life’s work brings them the most joy. Therefore, it’s hard to reach your potential without some ambition. You will always be mediocre if you barely get out of bed to go to work or school. If that’s what you want, that’s fine. But most people would like to become a better version of themselves.

Why You Should Keep Clapping For People Until It’s Your Time to Shine?

You can only grow if you intentionally work towards your goals. But your mindset and support from others also play an essential part. To harvest the correct mindset for growth, you need to learn to clap for others. Don’t tear them down on your path to success. There’s a time for everyone, and it’s better to support people than tear them down…

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