How to Feng Shui a Dorm Room for Success and Positive Energy

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If you’re wondering if you can feng shui your dorm room, the answer is yes!

In fact, your dorm room is a very important aspect of your life, so using feng shui in your room will ABSOLUTELY affect how your life goes outside of your room.

After all, your room is basically like a studio apartment – everything in your life happens in that room!

Using feng shui in your dorm room can help increase your health, wellbeing, focus, productivity, and even help you create harmonious relationships with your friends and significant others.

Let’s discuss how to feng shui a dorm room!

feng shui your dorm room (bed with colorful pillows and flower art)

20 Simple Feng Shui Dorm Room Tips

Clear the Clutter

Clutter is one of the main things that causes stuck, negative energy to build up in your room.

If you’ve ever struggled to find something that you needed as you head out the door, you know that it can cause everything to spiral really quickly and even lead to a bad mood that follows you around all day.

That’s a really clear example of how feng shui works!

When your doom room is clutter free and you can easily find everything you need, it leads to everything running more smoothly throughout the rest of your life.

Make sure you go through your room every few weeks and clear out the clutter.

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Anything that you don’t use or that gets in your way – get rid of it!

Give it away to friends or take it to a donation center.

Don’t underestimate how different your entire room will feel when the clutter isn’t getting in your way anymore.

Organization and Layout

One way to apply feng shui to your dorm room is to organize it.

Place “like” objects together and create a layout that makes sense.

For example, organize all of your books and study supplies together.

Keep all of your personal hygiene products together.

Keep all of your clothes together. Create an area for your collections, memorabilia, and pictures.

Not only will this make it easy to find things and put things away, but it’s also good feng shui!

colorful dorm room with bunk beds

Choose the Right Colors

Color is very important in feng shui, and that is especially true when it comes to dorm room feng shui.

Keep in mind that you will probably be studying, sleeping, and entertaining your friends all in the same room.

You want it to reflect your true personality and be proud to show it off!

You can choose colors that are neutral and then add pops of your favorite color, or even go all out and fill your room with all of your favorite colors.

Just make sure that you LOVE the colors you chose and your room will be uplifting and full of positive energy.

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Bed Placement

If you have control over bed placement, the best place for it is in the command position.

The command position is across from the door, but not directly across from it, with a solid wall behind your headboard.

If your bed can’t go in this position, don’t worry.

You don’t always have control over the layout in a dorm room, so just do everything you can do and don’t worry too much about the rest!

bed with nightstands and twinkle lights

Scent/Essential Oils

Dorm rooms can be full of smells that you don’t control either.

Don’t underestimate how much smell impacts how you feel! Add some scent warmers, essential oils, or plugins to keep your room smelling fresh.

You can also use essential oils to help you concentrate while you study!

Add a Plant

Plants not only clean and purify the air, but they also increase positive energy and uplift the mood.

Choose a plant that is low maintenance and easy to take care of, like a succulent or pothos.

You can also choose a feng shui plant for good luck or a feng shui wealth plant to attract even more success and good fortune!

bed with cozy pillows and plants

Choose Natural Materials

If you are picking out furniture or decor, natural materials are best.

Cotton, rattan, and soft, cozy materials will make your room feel like home.

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It will also create a sense of calm and restfulness that will help with stress and focus while studying.

Add Lighting

Lighting is really important in feng shui because it helps set the tone of your space.

Harsh overhead lights can be disruptive and feel cold and industrial.

Adding lamps or string lights can help your room feel more cozy and comfortable while also increasing positive energy!

Add a Rug

If you have room, adding a rug can create a focal point in your room that helps it feel more grounded.

Rugs create a comfortable, stable foundation for everything else in your room.

They’re also an easy way to add color when you can’t do things like paint or add curtains.

Mirror Placement

Keep in mind that in feng shui, mirrors bounce energy.

They also double the energy of everything they reflect.

If you have a mirror in your room, it’s best that it’s not directly across from the bed because the bouncing energy can disrupt sleep.

If you can’t move it and…

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