How to Use Rose Quartz for Love (16 Different Methods!)

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Rose quartz is one of the most well-known crystals for attracting love.

It ranges in color from soft, pale pink to darker, deep rose-pink or lavender – all colors associated with love, feminine energy, romance, and kindness.

Whether you’ve worked with rose quartz crystals in the past or are just getting started on your crystal journey, this post will explain everything you need to know about how to use rose quartz for love!

how to use rose quartz for love - various rose quartz pieces

What are the healing properties of rose quartz?

Rose quartz is best known for the following energetic properties and frequencies:

It’s known as the stone of unconditional love, helping harmonize and bring balance to all of the relationships in your life.

It balances the heart chakra, helping heal emotional wounds, remove emotional blocks, and open your heart to all forms of love.

It can soothe stressful situations by removing toxic emotions and encouraging peace and compassion for yourself and others.

It helps with healing a broken heart and moving on to a new romantic relationship.

It is associated with Venus, the goddess of love, enhancing feminine energy (Yin energy) which is receptive, balancing energy.

While dark pink is associated with fire energy, the pastel quality of rose quartz represents balance and harmony, the Yin and Yang (give and take) of all relationships.

rose quartz stones and rose bud

How to Use Rose Quartz for Love (16 Different Ways!)

There are so many different ways to use rose quartz for attracting love energy into your life.

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You can use any of these methods to attract new love, boost self-love and emotional healing, or increase romantic feelings in your current relationship.

In fact, every relationship in your life will benefit from the positive energy of rose quartz!

Choose whichever method resonates with you the most and use it for your specific situation.

Place rose quartz stone in your bedroom:

In feng shui, the bedroom is the room most associated with rest and romance.

It is responsible for your physical health, but also the health of your romantic relationship.

Placing rose quartz in your bedroom will enhance those vibes, filling your room with peaceful love energy.

Keeping rose quartz here can help you attract a new romance, increase self-love and compassion, and enhance romantic feelings within your current relationship too!

Check out this post for more info about how to feng shui your bedroom.

candles, rose quartz, amethyst stones, clear quartz crystals, and selenite tower

Place rose quartz in your home’s feng shui love and relationship corner.

Like the bedroom, your home’s love and relationship corner is associated with love energy in your home that radiates out into your life.

While the bedroom is associated with your romantic partner, your love and relationship corner is associated with ALL relationships in your life.

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If you are struggling with friendships, coworkers, family members, or if someone else in your household is struggling with these things, placing rose quartz in this area can help.

For more info, check this post: Energizing your home’s love and relationship area.

Keep a piece of rose quartz on your work desk.

Keeping a piece of rose quartz on your desk while you work can help harmonize work relationships.

It can also soothe stressful energy while you’re working and help you love your job!

If you are struggling with calling in love, keeping rose quartz on the love area of your desk can help remove blocks in your energy, balancing the heart center and opening you up to receiving love.

If you are really working on calling in love, keeping rose quartz around you in all of the different areas of your life can reset your energy and help you recalibrate.

rose quartz crystal grid for love

Wear rose quartz:

Speaking of recalibrating your energy, wearing a rose quartz bracelet, rose quartz necklace, or keeping a small piece of rose quartz in your pocket can also help!

The key is to use the rose quartz as a touchstone, to remind you to feel the feelings of having the love you want.

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Whenever you think about it, touch your rose quartz and feel the feelings of having what you want.

If your romantic partner were to call or text you right this second and say exactly what you want, how would that feel?

Feel those feelings throughout the day to become a vibrational match to what you want.

Meditate with rose quartz:

You can also use rose quartz while you meditate to increase your vibration and align with attracting love.

Hold a piece of rose quartz in your hand, or place a piece of rose quartz over your heart to help calibrate your energy.

While meditating, imagine a white light emanating from the rose quartz, enveloping your entire being and magnetizing love to you.

You can also imagine the light from your heart chakra passing up and down through all of your chakras, removing blocks and healing all areas of your life.

rose quartz crystal grid for attracting love

Create a crystal grid with rose quartz:

A crystal grid…

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