Spirit Family

Article by Ashwini Chubé

Just like our blood family on earth or what I call as 3rd Dimension or 3D we also have a spiritual family in the higher dimensions. This family is assigned to us before we are born so that they can help nudge and guide us through life.

In my Reiki level 1 class, my wonderful master introduced me to all these spirit family beings and I started communicating with them. Trust me they changed my life. I was constantly supported by them in my life and my life was full of miracles. Each time I invoked Reiki, I also invoked this entire team of divine beings. They were with me always (You ‘ll read about them in my upcoming articles and about my experiences).

Who are there in our spirit family?

  1. Spirit guides:
    Spirit guides are incorporeal beings that are assigned to us to guide us in life. Some guides are for us for the entire life, while some others will show up every now and again to help you with specific areas of your life or purpose or goals you are trying to achieve.
    For example – It could be a crossed over relative who is assigned to look over you. Sometimes it could be future children who would help you with marriage and help you choose the best partner.
  2. Spirit animal:
    We all have spirit animals assigned to us.
    According to dictionary.com – The ancient concept of animal guides, particularly prominent in some indigenous, especially Native American, religions, and cultures, was adopted in Pagan and Wiccan spirituality in the 1990s. In these contexts, spirit animals are meant literally, referring to spiritual guides or totems that take the form of animals.
    As per my experience – one may connect to some breed of animals or might even dream or visualize a certain animal in meditation. Continuously seeing an animal in reality, in pictures (on media/social media) or in dreams visualization, may mean it could be your animal spirit guide.
    There could be 2 categories here too.
    • Animal spirit guides could be purpose related and you may stop connecting to them once the purpose is over. For instance: a guide for the career, another one to find your romantic partner or help you recover from illness etc.
    • Then another category – there could be an animal guide connecting you in all incarnations and all lifetimes like your Soul. Eg: A Siberian Husky is my spirit guide. I have always seen him in my meditations for a very long time. Me not being aware of dog breeds usually referred to him as wolf-dog. In 2016 during my trip to Glastonbury in England, I saw 4 big huskies on earth in person and later came to know their details. Since then I have been seeing them on 3D(or on earth) whenever I am confused or scared. It is a sign to surrender to the universe for the highest outcome and to follow heart’s desire.
    Spirit Family

    Image by Simon Rae

  3. Guardian Angels and Archangels:
    Angels are beings of love and light. They are non-denominational beings and literally messengers of the divine. We all are assigned minimum 1 guardian angel (could be…
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