Are You Struggling to Use Feelings with The Secret?

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Question: “I keep trying to get to that feeling place in the Secret, but it’s just not happening. My life sucks and I just can’t be happy. It’s so hard to feel things getting better. Help me!”

Answer: When your life is difficult and you desperately need things to change, it’s hard to focus on being happy. Your focus is on the things you need to change and the things you want. It’s normal to be filled with negative thoughts and worry.

But you are so much stronger than you know. You can handle everything you’re dealing with. You have the power to transform your life. It’s as simple as shifting your vibration, even if it’s just a little bit. The smallest shift produces change…and it makes it easier to make even more vibrational shifts.

Don’t try to jump from where you are now to happy. That’s too far of a jump. Start smaller and work your way up to happiness.

Make a list of the things you appreciate every day. Focus on your list whenever you have a chance or begin to lose hope.

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Feel gratitude for the water you use to take a shower.

Feel gratitude for the clothes you wear.

Feel gratitude for who you are and who you’re going to be.

Be patient. This process will take time. Some days you may feel like you’ve taken a step or two backwards. That’s okay. Just pick up from where you are and refocus. Feel the gratitude. Try to feel love. Focus on feeling a little bit better…and a little bit better than that.

Don’t worry about losing confidence in things getting better. The Secret isn’t about being perfect. You can’t force yourself into that feeling place. Be patient with yourself. You can only do your best and that’s good enough.

Continue to feel gratitude for the things you have. This gratitude will bring you the things you want. You don’t need to worry about using your feelings with the Secret to attract them. They’ll come to you naturally.

It might happen slowly, but your life will change. Things will get better.

Remember that it isn’t about how others treat you or how bad your life is. It’s about how you treat yourself, how you love yourself…

So don’t let other people or the events in your life bring you down. Let them do what they want, say what they say, play out how they want. Let them go.

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You have free will and can choose to believe that you are able to transform your life for the better. You can choose to feel gratitude and love. You can choose to shift your feelings a little bit higher.

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