Intense Chemistry Between Two People – Perfect Companions

Have you ever met someone and the two of you have got along so perfectly?

Chemistry exists between two people when they are able to interact seamlessly with each other.

Intense chemistry arises between two people when they share a basic energy pattern, which leads to lots of other similarities between them.

Spotting intense chemistry can sometimes be tricky as it is often confused with intense attraction.

However, unlike attraction, chemistry is always mutual – it’s a property of a relationship or friendship, rather than something only one person feels.close friends e1558698299364

You Feel Like You’ve Met Before

The first thing you’ll notice when you have intense chemistry with someone is that you will feel as if you have known them forever.

You haven’t. The reason that you get this feeling is that you recognise their energy pattern as similar to your own.

When you enter someone’s home, and they have the same air freshener as you, their house feels more homely to you. The same is true for energy patterns.

You Can (And Do) Talk For Hours

A big part of keeping a conversation going is to do with chemistry. With intense chemistry, the only limit to how long you can keep each other talking is when you have to be somewhere else.

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This is all about ease of communication. With many people, you will run into misunderstandings, gaps in each other’s knowledge and bad assumptions.

But with intense chemistry, you fully understand each other. You know where each other are come from, the intent behind it and what point you are trying to make.

It’s rare to find this, so when you do you instinctively want to spend as much time with that person as possible.

You Enjoy Long Silences

With most people, a long silence is the death of a conversation. It means that you have run out of things to say – or rather, things that you would want to say to that person.

But with intense chemistry comes easier silences. They no longer feel awkward, but instead, feel like a welcome breather between conversations.

You aren’t scrambling for something to say. If you felt the need to speak, you would have something to say to them anyway. It’s just that the silence is okay, too.

You Are Constantly Thinking/Saying The Same Thing

Another part of intense chemistry is shared thought patterns. The way you think will be similar to the way they think, meaning you often reach the same conclusion independently.

This can feel a little spooky, but it is just another sign of intense chemistry caused by similar energetic patterns.

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In fact, in some ways, this is at the root of intense chemistry.

The fact that you are always on the same page makes conversation, silence and just existing in the same place much, much easier.

So whether you want to turn your intense chemistry into a relationship, or are just looking for a new best friend, intense chemistry between two people always improves any companionship.

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