Meaning of Soul Urge Number 3

Soul urge number 3, just like other numbers in Numerology, is used in the study and understanding of the human life, behavior and characteristics. The number is able to tell ones vision in life, their inspiration and drive in life, their greatest source of motivation, what literally defines them as humans and the reasons behind each and every decisions and life choices they make.

How The Soul Number 3 Is Obtained

The soul urge number 3 is attributed to those born on the dates; 3rd, 12th, 21st and 30th of the months of the year. However, the number can also be obtained by the numeric representation of ones name i.e assigning all letters in one’s name to their corresponding numerical numbers after which they are added separately to obtain a single digit or in some rare scenarios obtain the numbers 11, 22 or 33.


Often referred to as the three’s, they are considered to be very powerful people who are very dedicated and ambitious in what they set to do. They are known to achieve the highest degree of success in their respective fields due to their vigorous nature and deep strength within them.

In the modern society, certain practices are still done thrice. e.g

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– Most wedding vows are read thrice

– Burial after ones death takes place after 3 days

Generally, the number 3 is a very powerful number and its attributed to massive greatness and success


Associated with greatness, three’s love doing things that they can make a legacy of in the history books. They live for the future, they live to create a name and bring an impact to the world

In most cases, they are not intrigued with small jobs and would rather create their own jobs so as to partake in large projects and turn them into massive success.

Idling is not one of their strong suits and even when tired, they still do what has to be done until success is achieved.


Both to their families and society, the soul urge number three’s are easy going people who get along with others quite easily.They are seen to be very loyal and loving to their parents and family members and would sacrifice everything to see their family and those close to them happy and prosperous.

Known to be family people, they stick to family loyalty and their life partners in turn are very loyal and supportive to them. Socially, they love traveling the world to meet new friends and achieve more experience and diverse knowledge.

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With their vast knowledge, deep commitment and determination they are seen to direct their undivided attention and strength in developing new aspects of life and in most cases they are the scientists in the society.

They have the drive and vigor to make an impact to the world and discover new thing that would make the world a better place and in turn warrant their names in the history books.

Most of them grow to become scientists, teachers, writers and speakers.


Those with the soul urge number 3 have an outstanding character and their main vibrations include; creativity, cheerfulness, optimism, sociability, enthusiasm, skilled in conversation, friendly and diverse.

Most are regarded as extroverts and are a source of inspiration and joy to others.

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