Is Reiki Really “Too Wussy”?

I have heard several times that Reiki is weak, too subtle, and straight up “too wussy.”. I understood why someone would say that, since I have heard that so often people don’t physically feel Reiki, especially at first. However, my first experience with Reiki felt like a torrent of a waterfall going in, through, and over my body. It was freakin’ amazing.

It nagged at me. Why is Reiki being perceived as “too wussy” and being ditched in favor of other supposed “stronger” modalities? Why is the strength of Reiki not being perceived?

Pondering this in my heart, I went to a Reiki Share for Reiki practitioners. When it was my turn to receive I reminded myself that this is the time to be “selfish”, that Reiki is infinite so I can just soak it up like a sponge soaks up water. So, that’s what I did. Afterward, one of the women said, “Wow, you really took it in, I never felt Reiki like that before.”

My first thought was, Seriously? Why not? I refrained from saying that, of course. Instead, I told her what I had said to myself and she really seemed to take the reminder to heart, that there is no need to hold back in receiving Reiki since it’s infinite!

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After that experience and further pondering, I have come to the conclusion that there are three main reasons why people perceive Reiki as “wussy.”

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The first is, the person on the table does not give themselves permission to receive all that they can. There are many reasons for this, such as feeling like asking for too much means you are a selfish person, a physical or energetic blockage, or simply not realizing that they aren’t energetically open – similar to how you don’t realize how tense your muscles are until someone comes and rubs your shoulders a little bit.

The second reason is similar to the first reason, if the Reiki practitioner isn’t running sufficient Reiki through them for the receiver to receive, then that can create an impression of Reiki being “wussy”. Reiki flows through the practitioner to the person receiving Reiki. It’s like when you have the faucet turned on only a little bit to clean your pan, it’s not going to be as effective and take a long time to clean than if you turned up the faucet.

A third reason is that perhaps you are trying to excessively control Reiki, and are thus attached to receiving a specific result. While yes, you can send Reiki to particular parts of the body, it still will still go where it needs to go. Example, if you send Reiki to the head to help with a headache, that Reiki could go straight to the hips instead if that’s where it is needed the most, and that is where the receiver may feel it. (I personally have had this sort of thing happen to me as both the giver and the receiver.) You may think the problem is in the head because that’s where the pain is, but really the root of…

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