Dr. Joe Vitale answers your Law of Attraction questions LIVE!

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I don’t usually get all that excited about a VideoCast…they’re usually pretty BORING to me!

Leave it to my friend Natalie Ledwell over at Mind Movies to change it up completely…

She’s hosting a Live VideoCast that’s guaranteed to be like no other.

Score your free V.I.P. Ticket here

And if you’ve ever seen Dr. Joe speak, he’s anything BUT boring.

They’ll be answering all of your Mind Movies and LOA questions LIVE and discussing how Mind Movies change the internal structure of your brain to funnel abundance directly into your life!

Plus, they’ll be sharing:

  • The 5 types of affirmations that guarantee total success (Most people have this wrong!)
  • The importance of using the correct language when talking about your goals (And the ONE thing to avoid at all costs!)
  • How to find and use the right pictures in the “right” order on your Mind Movie or vision board, to create the MOST receptive mental state to reach your goals.
  • How to use music as your ‘secret subconscious success weapon’ to instantly activate the power of the Law of Attraction in your life.
  • The 3 step process for surrendering control to the universe and allowing it to deliver you what you most desire (This is super effective for people who find it hard to ‘switch off’).
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And that’s just a taste!

My advice?

Get signed up right away so you can be on this exciting VideoCast live.

Spots are limited so make sure you get yourself a ticket right away!

I’m going to be there waiting to hear every little tidbit of wisdom they have to throw down at me.

See ya there!


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