Why Your Dream Refuses to Manifest

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I’ve heard it a hundred times: “But I’ve done everything and it’s just not manifesting!”

Ah, but it is. You are always manifesting! The Law of Attraction works without fail.

It’s no one’s fault that you are not manifesting your dream. It isn’t your fault. It isn’t the Universe’s fault. It isn’t the Law of Attraction’s fault…or your spouse’s fault…or your family’s fault.

Their dream may not be manifesting for them. Yours may not be manifesting for you. But there is always a reason that your dream is not manifesting.

I can’t place my finger on the exact reason why your dream has not manifested for you.

You may be applying the Law of Attraction incorrectly, manifesting things you don’t want.

You may be focusing on your current reality and what you don’t have, stopping the flow of any positive energy towards your dream…and only attracting to you more “not having.”

You may be passing your time with friends speaking about how bad things are or how slowly things are progressing, again stopping the flow of any positive energy towards your dream…only attracting more bad things, more slow progress.

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Sometimes you’re doing all the steps perfectly and there is still no sign of your dream manifesting…

…and then the likely cause is your beliefs.

But not just any beliefs.

It’s your beliefs about your ability to manifest your dreams, your beliefs about how easily you can manifest, and your beliefs about your ability to change your belief system.

These beliefs are so powerful that if you have them, no matter how much work you do to attract your dream, it won’t happen. These beliefs really can undo all of your work.

You have to change these beliefs in order to successfully manifest.

Examples of these beliefs include:

  • I can’t create my reality.
  • It’s difficult to change my beliefs.
  • It’s difficult to create my reality.
  • I don’t know what is blocking me.
  • It’s hard to find my subconscious beliefs.
  • The Law of Attraction is hard.
  • It isn’t safe to create what I want.
  • I am not ready to change my beliefs.
  • I don’t deserve to have my dreams come true.
  • I am broken.
  • I have too many issues to fix.
  • There is something wrong with me.
  • I am not ready to create my reality.
  • I am worried about what people will think about me if I manifest my dreams.
  • It is hard to feel better.
  • It’s difficult to know what to do.
  • I can’t follow the Law of Attraction.
  • My beliefs are too ingrained to change.
  • It’s been too long.
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Do you see how these beliefs could stop you from manifesting your dreams?

Often these beliefs come from things you learned as a small child. Sometimes they are defense mechanisms you created to help you survive in the world. Sometimes they exist because it’s safer (even if only subconsciously) for your world to stay the same than to experience the change you want to create.

Finding your beliefs

Go back over the list and see if any of the beliefs are yours. They are yours if you resonate with them, if you feel yourself nodding when you read them, if they match your reality, or if you simply have a gut feeling that they are yours.

Who should check for these beliefs?


Even if you have had some success manifesting, there may be beliefs that are slowing things down or that may crop up in other areas of your life.

Once you know which beliefs are true for you, you can begin transforming the beliefs.

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