Journey of “The Hierophant”- Major Arcana VI

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The Hierophant also goes by the name ‘the High Priest’ in some of the decks. He is the masculine counterpart to the High Priestess. The Hierophant is often depicted as a religious figure who sits on a stone platform with large columns on each side which symbolize support and structure. The symbolic reference of the holy trinity is signified by the white robes that he has put on which also indicate his conviction and purity. His crown and his staff represent the significance of three universes. Just like the Magician, the Hierophant has his hand raised towards the sky but he does this to channel the energy through society for the collective good. He wears two crossed keys which represent the harmony between the polarities of life.

The Hierophant is a card that stands for traditions and customs. It is a card representing divine places, religion, customary foundations and anything that supports a conventional approach. The card alerts us when we might be giving our capacity, our power away to another person or an organization. It is a card that wakes us up to that truth that we are aimlessly following something just because every other person is doing so as well. It proposes that you are not assuming liability for your life, but instead surrendering freedom to another.

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The Hierophant archetype assists you in the following areas

  • To receive spiritual guidance in any area of your life
  • To receive a sense of support from the community
  • To strengthen faith
  • To be a role model for others to follow
  • Emotional mastery
  • Pursuing higher knowledge
  • Increasing understanding in different areas
  • To receive help in studying and learning
  • If you are seeking a deeper meaning of life
  • To understand the importance of rituals and ceremonies
  • Developing discipline
  • Utilizing an orthodox method to accomplish something
  • Adjusting to a new system
  • Staying committed towards a cause
  • Becoming a better team player
  • Developing loyalty
Journey of "The Hierophant" - Major Arcana VI

Image by Justin Pickard

Signs that you are lacking the archetypical energy of The Hierophant

  • Corruption
  • If you often find yourself breaking rules
  • Defying guidelines
  • Dismissing standard ways and convention out of prejudice
  • Insubordination
  • Flighty relationships
  • Feeling hypocritical, upright and pompous
  • Becoming overly judgemental
  • Diminished sense of security
  • Feeling lost
  • Absence of help from family
  • Money related inconvenience
  • Powerlessness to change
  • Extreme uncertainty
  • Feeling confined by structure
  • Lack of adaptability
  • Defying the norms
  • Struggle with a parent or authority.

The Hierophant: Wisdom through introspection

Self-inquiry is the process through which you understand who you truly are. We might have an understanding of the truth but its more important to experience it. Experiential truth has the power to change lives. The truth cannot be distorted when you experience it rather than just understand it.

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Listed below are some of the ways through which you can tap into this ability to introspect:

Meditation is a…

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