Knocking in My Dream Woke Me Up! Is It a Bad Sign?

If you’ve ever heard a knock in your dream, it is a sign from the spiritual world. Don’t take it for granted. Sometimes, this can be an unsettling experience. Through this, our spiritual senses will become more awakened about what goes on around us. 

In this article, we will explore the numerous spiritual meanings of hearing a knock in your dream. 

Is this a good sign or not?

Read on to find out more about this interesting subject. 

What does it mean when you hear knocking in your sleep?

Hearing knocking in my spiritual world

When you hear knocking in your sleep, it is a sign from the heavens. It speaks of becoming spiritually sensitive at all times. This sign does not happen occasionally. Whilst conducting my research on this subject, I discovered that hearing knocks during sleep speaks of looming danger. 

Through this sign, we are encouraged to stay spiritually active. Be on the lookout for possible loopholes. Also, ensure to identify any vulnerability that can be pounced on by negative energy and spirits. 

Spiritually, this dream could also mean that someone is trying to pry into your space.

This could be a friend, family member, and so on. If you wake up from your sleep with fear, then, it is not a good sign. You need to shut out people from your life – to prevent betrayals. 

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However, if you wake up with curiosity, then, it speaks of letting people into your life. This encourages trust and community building. 

Whenever you hear knocking in your sleep, this could also be a sign of a spiritual awakening.

This reveals that your spiritual sense of hearing has been activated. Henceforth, pay more attention to your spiritual hearing ability. Through it, clarity and precision will come. 

Furthermore, whenever you hear knocking in your dream, it implies that the universe is trying to call your attention to something important.

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Spiritual meaning of waking up with a knock in my dream

The meaning of waking up with a knock in my dream

Whenever you are woken by a knock from your dream, it is referred to as “a vivid dream experience”. This rarely happens. But when it does, something spiritual is going on around you. 

The common spiritual meaning of this sign speaks of spiritual attentiveness. It inspires alertness and vigilance. You will become more heightened and aware. 

Furthermore, waking up with a knock in your dream speaks of becoming more spiritually receptive to the messages you get. Biblically, whenever you have this experience, it is usually a sign of disobedience. This is the same in general spirituality

Hearing a knock means your heart is closed to spiritual omens and signs. Let this experience inspire you to pay more attention to the signs you get. Become more receptive to signs and omens from the heavens. 

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In addition to this, you might have this experience as a spiritual reminder. When you wake up from hearing a knock in your dream, it speaks of persistence.

The universe wants you to remain consistent on the path you’ve chosen. Also, you need to stay dogged in the face of pressure

If you recently lost someone close to you, an experience like this is regarded as an encouragement from the deceased – showing that you are not alone. It reminds you that you are supported by the deceased. This could also be enough inspiration for you to move on with your life. 

You will get this sign as an inspiration to embrace change. If you wake up from hearing a knock in your dream, this is telling you to open your heart to change.

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Meaning of waking up with someone knocking at the door

Someone knocking at the door: the meaning

Whenever you wake up with someone knocking on the door, it is a warning sign against laziness. The spiritual world wants you to become more hardworking. This is an important tool for success. 

If you are battling with procrastination, you might have this dream consistently. The moment you notice this trend, it is a sign that a change needs to be made. Overcome laziness today. 

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Apart from this message, it could be a prophetic omen from heaven. It reveals that someone close to you is about to pay you a surprise visit. Prepare to receive this individual

Also, this sign could speak of friendliness. For example, if you’ve been recently betrayed by someone you trusted, then, you will have this experience as a sign to forgive, let go, and open up yourself to be loved by other people. 

This experience also speaks of a new season. When given, you should start seeking opportunities to become a better version of yourself. Also, it speaks of the beginning of a new phase in your life

In African culture, this sign is an omen of disobedience. It warns against defying authorities and going against instructions.

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Knocking in my dream woke me up! 7 Signs

Knocking in my dream woke me up!

In this section, we will discuss the 7 spiritual signs of…

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