10 feng shui money tips for manifesting wealth

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One of my favorite things to talk about is how to use feng shui to bring money into your life!

When I first started learning about Feng Shui, money was definitely on my mind. In fact, I started sprucing up the money corner of my home almost immediately, and I credit that boost of good vibes for one of the best money years we had ever had in our lives.

So if you’d like to manifest more money, here are 10 of my favorite feng shui money tips for manifesting wealth.

10 feng shui money tips for manifesting wealth

Number 1: Declutter your money area.  When you are standing in the front door, looking into your home, the far back left corner is the money area.  (Click Here to see a picture of the bagua and how to find your money corner.) 

The first thing you can do to re-energize the money area, is to make sure it is sparkly clean! Clean all of the clutter you can out of this area.  Make it shine! 

My money area is in our dining room, so the first thing I did was remove all unnecessary items from the space.  I organized our cabinets, mopped the floor, and cleaned our glass table until it was shiny!  I even cleaned the inside and outside of our window in this area, which really brightened up the space and made it feel amazing. 

Once you’ve cleaned the area, make sure you smudge it really well and welcome in new, high vibes! Click here to learn all about smudging.

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2. Light some candles.  Candles represent the FIRE element in Feng Shui, which means you’re bringing more heat and expansive energy.  Light candles or turn on a bright, upward facing light in this area to light it up and bring in lots of positive chi! 

If you want to take this even further, you can buy 9 red candles and light them for a few hours for the next 9 days.  This brings more attention and excitement to your money area.  Make sure that you light them with the intention of bringing lots of positive energy into your finances!

feng shui money tips: add live plants!

3. Feng Shui your wallet!  This means getting rid of all of your old receipts, organizing your credit and debit cards, and organizing any paper money and coins.  Give your money a happy place to live and watch it grow! 

I don’t know about you, but my purse and wallet tend to get really cluttered every few weeks, so it’s always good to clean it out and spruce it up. 

If you really want to make your money happy, you can even go and buy yourself a new wallet that makes you smile and reinforces your intention every time you look at it!

(Your wallet is an important money area in feng shui terms, click here for more tips!)

4. Clean and use all of the burners on your stove.  In Feng Shui, the stove is the heart of your finances.  It represents having plenty of abundance in your life! 

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I know I tend to fall into the habit of having a favorite burner (welcome to adulthood :D) so if you do that too, light all of your burners for a few seconds in order to stir up the Chi on your stove.  Clean it til it shines and then light those burners! (Or turn them on, if it’s electric.) 

5. Clean your front door.  The front door is very, very important in Feng Shui, because it welcomes new opportunities into your life.  You don’t have to do anything drastic here, but cleaning your front door with a little bit of salt water and making sure there aren’t any cobwebs will go a long way towards welcoming in new wealth. 

For an extra bonus: turn on your porch light for 3 hours during the day to show the universe you’re ready to welcome in new wealth!

6. Fix any drips.  If you have leaky faucets in your home, then you are literally letting money drip down the drain.  Fix those leaks!  Also keep the toilet seat down.  These are Feng Shui “cures” that help you not to flush money away.

7. Shine your mirrors.  Clean and shine your mirrors with the intention of bringing clarity to your finances.  Sparkly mirrors = sparkly money! And other amazing things, but for now just focus on the money. 

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8. Add some purple to your money area.  Purple is the color of abundance in Feng Shui, so add some purple! You don’t have to “see” the purple, you can add paper or fabric inside drawers or under cabinets or tables.  I also like to use purple crystals, like amethysts, in my money area. Just put some purple in the area with the intention of bringing in more abundance!

feng shui tips for wealth

9. Play high vibe music in your home – but especially in the money area!  One of my favorite things to do to stir up the Chi is to play some high vibe dancing music in my space.  I especially love to do this when I’m smudging, but it’s also fun to do with the intention of bringing positive energy to the money area! 

Play some music and dance (bonus points if you do this while decluttering and cleaning like in step 1!)  Sound is an excellent way to stir up the energy of a space.  If you don’t want to play music, you can clap in the corners or ring a bell with the intention of…

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