Law of Attraction & Astrology: How does Astrology Affect the Law of Attraction?

How the Law of Attraction and Astrology Work Together

The principles behind the Law of Attraction and astrology are not mutually exclusive. They both bring benefits to those who study them.

When you combine the Law of Attraction and astrology, you gain an edge that helps you to manifest more easily.

What’s Fate Got To Do With It?

Astrology most often brings knowledge of planetary alignment at birth.

But many people go one step further and use astrology as a divination tool to predict future events.

For example, if an astrologer knows where the planets aligned on a given date in the past, then there is a 99.9% chance that the planets will align in the same manner at a future date. This allows the astrologer to look at past events around that planetary alignment and predict that the same type of events will occur the next time the planets align in the same manner.

Astrologists use tools in astrology, such as the planets and zodiac signs, to describe how you should react to different stimuli in your environment. For example, Geminis are known for being great communicators and for being over abundantly curious to the point of being unable to focus long on a given task. To a Gemini, there’s always a new shiny object in the corner that needs to be explored.

But what happens when a Gemini shuts down and doesn’t communicate well or can’t seem to get started on anything?

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It could be the other side of the Gemini nature that is manifesting (there’s a reason the Gemini zodiac symbol is twins).

Geminis can be like a light switch – they’re either on or off. That mercurial quality is what makes them a magnet for all kinds of people and most of the time, so much fun. However, is this positive twin/negative twin Gemini’s fate, as many would have us believe?

Change Your Outlook to Change Your Outcome: How Law of Attraction and Astrology Come Together

Using the Law of Attraction brings free will to a situation. If someone born under the sign of Leo has a tendency to act like the king of beasts, they can change how they project outwards to others and therefore, how others perceive them. Asking for help in an attitude change is a basic step in manifesting.

Other aspects of astrology and the Law of Attraction allow them to work together to make manifesting more meaningful and powerful.

Astrology gives you insight into how you should feel about or see certain situations. If you are in tune with the vibrational energies of your birth sign and planet, you can easily become vibrationally in tune with what you want to attract.

Conversely, if you want to change a negative aspect of something you continually attract, knowing how your birth sign or planetary alignments affect your feelings about key areas of your life, such as, money, relationships, and business, can speed up your ability to become one with the vibrational energies of more positive aspects of those key areas.

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The law of attraction works great on its own.

Using astrology along with manifesting gives an extra umph! to your requests of the Universe.

You can use astrological cycles to help you know when to place a request with the Universe.

For example, when Mercury is retrograde, business deals might be more challenging.

  • Did you put in a request to the Universe for a new and exciting job? Progress may be slow and interviews unlikely to happen until Mercury goes direct.
  • Are you looking to get that renovation started on your house? Be flexible as your contractor may not meet your schedule.
  • Have you opted to sell your business but no buyers have called? Thank good ‘ol Mercury. Your buyers are experiencing a slowdown in their world as well, but all should return to normal when Mercury retrograde ends.

In these instances, knowing that things will not move forward as you woold like during Mercury retrograde, will keep you from believing that the Law of Attraction isn’t working.

You have two options:

  1. Put your request to the Universe in before the retrograde starts. Then forget about it and leave it alone until the retrograde is over.
  2. Now that you know delays and other challenges may occur, wait until the retrograde ends to put in your request.
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Either option works, but knowing why things are not moving forward with the first option can certainly keep you focused on the vibrational energies of your request rather than blaming the Universe for your inability to attract what you want.

Energy is always moving, but you can use planetary alignments to know which direction to proceed with manifesting.

How Astrology Affects What You Attract

It’s a scientific fact that the moon and sun affect oceanic tides.

It is a scientific fact that planets in the solar system affect the gravitational pull of planet Earth.

It is a scientific fact that sunspots affect Earth’s electromagnetic field.

The effects of changing energy on Earth affect people. Knowing that these things are occurring through astrology can give you an edge to manifesting.

If you know that…

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