Dai Ko Myo: Get to Know It, Practice Using It

I remember the first time I saw the Dai Ko Myo Master symbol. My only thought was “I’ll never remember how to draw that.” It seemed so complicated compared to Cho Ku Rei and Sei He Ki.

When I discovered that Dai Ko Myo was able to release us from what holds us back, from pursuing our soul’s path, I took the initiative to learn and explore this very high vibrational symbol on a deep level. What transpired was truly enlightening.

Dai Ko Myo has the ability to work through any blocks on a mental, spiritual, emotional, physical and energetic level. It also has the ability to work on the past, present and future, clearing away what holds you back and smoothing the path in front of you as you develop your Reiki practice. It brings balance and harmony giving space so you can remember who you truly are.

Spending time with the Reiki symbols in meditation is one of the best ways I know to get to know them and practice using them in a relaxed fashion so that when you come to use them with clients you are confident and sure that you’re tapping into the intended vibrational energy.

Below is a short meditative practice to get you familiar with Dai Ko Myo and to teach you how to draw the symbol properly.

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Meditation Transcript:

Take a moment to get comfortable for this meditative study of the Dai Ko Myo master symbol.

Note the pronunciation of the symbol name. Dai Ko Meee-o, not My-o, Meee-o.

Take a look at the symbol. Japanese Kanji symbols are read from top to bottom so you can see that Dai Ko Myo is broken down into three parts.

Dai Ko Myo translates roughly to a great enlightenment.

Because this symbol is complicated to draw, you can try imprinting the entire symbol into your memory or one character at a time in the same way you might commit to memory someone’s face or a beautiful view.

If you do wish to draw the symbol, always start at the top. Look at the video for instructions on how to draw each character.

Let’s do that again. This time, draw the character with your dominant index finger onto your non-dominant palm.

And now let’s draw the symbol on the other palm with your opposite index finger.

Place your palms together in prayer, close your eyes if you wish, and spend a moment contemplating the Dai Ko Myo symbol.

This is a deeply transformative symbol. It has a high vibration that cuts through blockages on a mental, physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual level.

It is known to guide us back to our true purpose in this life and set us on the path we were chosen to live.

Say the symbol name either quietly in your head or out loud three times.

Dai Ko Myo
Dai Ko Myo
Dai Ko Myo

Relax your hands.

During a Reiki attunement, this master symbol is placed in the Crown chakra at the top of your head. Let’s…

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