A Simple Law of Attraction Experiment: Setting Intentions

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This simple Law of Attraction experiment on setting intentions helps you to learn how you affect the world around you and how you can attract things to you based on your beliefs and expectations.

But it’s also going to be a fun game to help you learn how quickly the Law of Attraction works when you don’t have any attachment to the outcome.

Even though it’s a simple Law of Attraction experiment, it can help you to fine tune your mastery of the Law of Attraction, while having fun manifesting with other people.

Remember that the world around you reflects back to you your beliefs and expectations. You see what you want to see.

Reality is really an illusion that changes to match what you are aligned with in any moment. As your alignment changes, so too does the world around you – the people, the objects, the events… They all match who you are at an exact moment in time.

This simple Law of Attraction experiment is designed to help you see how the intentions you set govern what you see in the world around you. It will prove that what you see is what you look for, and that you can find anything you are looking for.

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When this experiment is done, you will know that you can change the world around you by simply changing what you are looking for.

For the next 72-hours, you are going to actively look for one specific item. I’ve chosen blue birds. You can choose blue birds or something else you prefer – green apples, brown horses, red boxes – whatever suits your fancy.

Just make the intention:

“I intend to see blue birds (or whatever you have chosen) in the next 72-hours.”

As you go through the next 72 hours, make note of all the blue birds you see. You might see actual blue birds or see blue birds on stationary, in a magazine, on a shirt…anything is possible!

When you’re done, come back here to report your results.

That’s all there is to it!

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