What Everybody Ought to Know About Law of Attraction Visualization

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You’ve probably heard how visualization is a key part of Law of Attraction success. “You have to visualize your desire to attract your desire.” But what you don’t hear is that Law of Attraction Visualization success depends on correct application of Law of Attraction visualization techniques.

Law of Attraction visualization techniques aren’t like your ordinary meditation or visualization techniques. Law of Attraction visualization is more than just using your mind to create a mental image of you realizing your goal.

It isn’t seeing yourself up on a movie screen.

It isn’t thinking “about” your desire.

It isn’t about mind energy at all.

Law of Attraction Visualization is about your heart…and using heart energy to create.

You see, when Law of Attraction visualization is done correctly it’s like a love affair. You are in the scene, seeing through your eyes, hearing through your ears, tasting through your mouth…

You aren’t watching a picture from the outside. You are living the experience as if it was as real as you are now, as real as the screen on which you are reading these words… It’s as if your visualization is your only reality.

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One of the easiest ways to experience Law of Attraction visualization correctly is to lie in your bed. Close your eyes and relax completely. Imagine you are lying in bed in your bedroom in your new house. Feel the sheets on your skin…the pillow under your head. Smell the detergent used to wash your sheets. Feel the gentle breeze coming in through your window as it drifts over your skin. Hear your partner breathing softly next to you…

Or imagine sitting in front of a fire with a warm cup of hot chocolate in your hands. Feel the heat of the cup as you hold it. Hear the crackling of the fire. Feel the heat coming off the fire place. Bring the cup up to your nose and breathe in the delicious smell of the chocolate. As you take a drink, feel the chocolate hit your lips, drift seductively over your tongue, and flow warmly down your throat. Smile as you look over at your family planning tomorrow’s skiing trip. Listen to them laugh.

Immerse yourself in the scene.

Think from your Law of Attraction visualization.

Go beyond just having something. See how you would use it. See what it would allow you to do. Really experience the moment.

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Feel at one with the vision. Give it a lot of love. Enjoy it and really take it to the next level.

Stay connected to it. Let the Universe make it happen. Just enjoy the ride.

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