What to do When the Law of Attraction Isn’t Working

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So the Law of Attraction isn’t working for you?

You keep thinking and acting positively, but you haven’t created what you want. You just can’t get the law of attraction to work?

To tell you the truth…

It’s wonderful to think and act positively. Both are very powerful creators. However, they are unable to create what you desire if you have thoughts, doubts, or fears sabotaging all of the positive things you are doing.

These saboteurs are often subconscious, maybe only surfacing as a brief memory of a past failure or rejection – something that you might shrug off as not important anymore.

But no matter how positively you act or think, these doubts and fears can be powerful enough to undo any of your positive work. They are powerful enough to keep the Law of Attraction from working.

For example, if you were taught as a child that all rich people are selfish and mean, then no matter how much you think about how wonderful it would be to be rich, your childhood belief can prevent money from flowing to you. You can visualize every day or repeat a million affirmations, but until the power of that childhood phrase is gone, the money won’t come.

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You can do a million techniques to manifest your desires – everything from building a bonfire under a full moon to drinking a glass of water while standing on your head – but if you have a strong doubt about whether you can manifest your desires or whether this “stuff” even works, then no matter what you do, it won’t be enough. The Law of Attraction won’t work for you.

Whenever you wonder about what else you can do to get what you want, your doubts and fears are appearing. These limiting beliefs can counter all your positive energy.

Thinking that you are doing something wrong projects negative energy that will stop your desires from coming to you.

Maybe you spend most of your time thinking that you have everything you desire or that you are a money magnet, but if you doubt that you can have it all or if you have a fear of money…guess what…you’re not going to get what you want.

Whenever you wonder why the Law of Attraction isn’t working for you, you will find your answer in your question.

The Law of Attraction doesn’t pick and choose when it will work. It’s always working.

When you wonder why the Law of Attraction isn’t working for you, you are thinking “this doesn’t work for me.” And, as you know, the Law of Attraction brings you what you think about. Thus, what you will see is evidence of the Law of Attraction not working.

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Whenever there is something that you want, the more doubt or fear you have around getting it, the longer it will take for you to attract it. Start getting rid of your doubts and fears now so that you can get more of what you want.

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