Your Questions About Heart Energy Answered Part 1

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You’ve emailed me a lot of questions about heart energy…big ones, little ones…how to create heart energy…how heart energy is used for healing… Well, I’ve got your answers! This is the first in a series of articles answering all your questions about heart energy. If more questions come to you as we go on, let me know and I’ll answer them too.

Let’s get started…

How do you begin the process of creating heart energy?

You begin the process of creating heart energy by disconnecting. There is a need for some people to connect with news, especially negative news, all of the time. That negativity is quite quick to reach them through television and computers. These news outlets are bringing darkness onto this planet at this time. This darkness can be counteracted with light.

If more and more people begin to turn away from this darkness and turn towards the light – start seeing good things, start being with more of the good things that are happening on this planet – then there will be less and less of a need for the darkness to continue and more and more of the light will come in. The more goodness that is brought into the body the less there will be room for the darkness to reside.

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It is not a need to push the darkness away, to hate it, to be angry about it, to kill it, to murder it, or to hurt it in any way.

It is just that if you begin to absorb more of the light and begin to bring more of this warmth and heart energy into your body, there will be less and less room for the darkness. It will slowly begin to leave and be almost, not pushed aside, but there will be no more room for it to stay in you.

The more goodness that is brought in, the more light that is brought in, the less room there will be for the darkness and it will leave.

It is important to begin the process of bringing the goodness and the light into your body to expand heart energy. When more people are able to do this, they will connect with those who are also doing this very same thing. They will begin to find like-mindedness amongst people where they may not have seen this before.

Everyone’s heart energy will rise. Everyone’s vibrations will rise. Everyone will have less sickness and less time of feeling bad. Their work will no longer be drudgery as they will find joy and passion.

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What is the best way to fill the heart with energy and make it grow?

Imagine filling the heart with air, like hot air in a hot air balloon. With the air coming from the fire, the balloon expands. Fill your body with fire. Pump the fire into your heart. Let the heart expand from the air, from the fire.

As the hot air balloon rises to the sky with the heat from the fire, and as adjusting the fire adjusts the amount of air in the balloon, allow your heart to expand from the fire in the root of your body, the coccyx. Allow the fire to pump from your root, up from your spine, and the trunk of your body up into the heart-balloon. Pump the air, pump the fire, pump the air into the heart-balloon, and let it expand. Keep pumping it.

Once you have expanded your heart, pumped it with hot air, feel your filled heart take you…as a balloon would float through the air. Whenever you need more heart energy or need to feel your heart expand more, pump more fire, more air into your heart.

This then is the energy you are seeking…this energy that can expand your whole being like a balloon. You can float from place to place. Be whatever and wherever and float where you need to be in the balloon as it is your heart that will expand out around you.

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