When Loved Ones Communicating After Death | What Does It Mean?

Loved ones communicating after death is a real phenomenon. It’s heartbreaking to lose a loved one, but alas it is something we as humans can never avoid.

We will be dust one day, as our bodies return to the earth, but the question remains, where do our souls go? Some depart to the spirit world but some stay to communicate.

Your loved one communicating is quite common, and it can happen at any time of the day; while you are fully awake or even in a dream-like state, and even when sleeping.

Often, after a loved one has passed away they appear in a dream; usually bathed in light, and they try to converse. Sometimes just to pass on a message and other times to offer some comfort that they are at peace now. Sometimes, you might feel a presence next to you; either through some change in the air or you might just feel someone next to you.

You might feel their touch, through a hug, a brush of the hand, a gentle touch on the arm; it is most comforting to experience these especially if the loss was significant to you.

Other signs of their presence, is that you might smell something odd in the air – something that the deceased used, like a perfume or a cigarette, sometimes flowers – anything that would remind you of them.

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There will be times when your loved one will try to send you a sign. These signs might occur over and over again, like placing some object which was of some significance to them or you in your path. They even like sending messages through animals; some animal jumping in your way or just staring at you could be a sign.

It’s quite strange to think you can ever ‘talk’ to your loved one after they have passed, but it’s something that has happened, you could hear their voice externally or even internally as if their voice is inside your head.

Sometimes spirits can manipulate objects that possess electrical energy, like TV’s and toy’s, even the radio and the lights, like turning them off, moving items and changing the channel you are watching.

As they can manipulate energy, however, this is quite rare but, some people have received calls that have nothing but static. Indicating they were trying to establish a connection.

Even though it’s hard to do, spirits often communicate by moving an object, or they do this to get attention.

The method most popular in movies and tv shows is a spirit appearing as an apparition – it is rare for this to happen, just because you saw it in a film and wish to see your loved one appear, it might not happen – but know it does happen, in extreme cases.

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But in no way does it mean that your loved one hasn’t tried to communicate. If it hasn’t happened yet, know that they have tried and maybe you’ve been too preoccupied to notice them.

So don’t shun the possibility of loved ones communicating after death. They are always guiding and communicating with you, helping you in subtle ways.

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