Mindfully Caring for our Feet during a Pandemic

I initially explored the topic of Mindfulness and Feet in 2013; only now 4 months into staying mostly at home due to the Pandemic did Spirit nudge me to revisit this topic. For most of us around the world life as we knew it has changed dramatically due to Covid 19….so have our habits and even hygiene. As one day after another flow together, we may not even bathe as frequently nor perhaps change certain articles of clothing. Even if hair salons are open, we may go less frequently and proudly wear the ‘Pandemic look’ or excuse. I know for me, make up is only put on when I am facilitating a group or teaching a Reiki class on Zoom. Our feet which still support us daily in all of our activities may get forgotten with pedicures or self treatments being a thing in the past. Today I broke that stagnation and did my nails while sitting outside in 100 degree Tucson heat.

I have been facilitating Meditation groups since 2011 following the horrific shooting of our beloved Congresswoman Gabby Gifford; the shooting resulted in serious injuries to herself and others, besides loss of life. A Meditation teacher came to the hospital in which I worked and wanted to start a Meditation group for healing of our staff and the community. She taught me a lot in the 2 1/2 months that we worked together before she generously handed over the group to me.

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In Meditation we frequently bring mindfulness to the breath; we follow the breath in and out allowing our minds and bodies to quiet down as we enter that precious state of deep relaxation and restoration. When was the last time that you brought a similar focus to your feet? As babies, we learned much about our world by playing with, manipulating and even putting parts of our feet in our mouths. As toddlers, our feet allowed us to step forward in our lives and achieve new mobility and independence. As adults unless we are living with particular disabilities, our feet have provided us with the gifts of living upright, of running, dancing, participating in sports and navigating on our life’s journey. However instead of respecting and caring for our feet, they are frequently neglected and symptoms related to them may be ignored or minimized. Our feet are far from our eyes, and we therefore seem to keep any mindfulness related to them at a distance.

If you look at a chart on reflexology of the feet, you may be impressed by how one can supposedly access healing and the flow of chi/energy throughout our entire body including our organs and glands by applying pressure to specific energy points and blockages on the feet. When I completed my Social Work training in the late 1970’s, I took a 10 week class in shiatsu massage. During a class session in which we focused our attention and actions on working exclusively on the feet, I was impressed how one could achieve physiological relaxation throughout one’s entire…

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