Pick of the Week : Angelica Essential Oil

Angelica Root (Angelica archangelica) essential oil is also knows as “Oil of Angels”, “Herb of the Holy Ghost”, “Archangel Root”. There was a french tale, the Archangel Michael revealed the benefits of Angelica plant to a monk in his dream and that it could be used to fight the plague.

Angelica essential oil has strong, earthy, herbaceous, green, musky, long-lasting aroma. It is considered to be a base/middle note.

Angelica blends beautifully with bergamot, orange, tangerine, lemon, grapefruit, clary sage, pine, cypress, spruces, vetiver, patchouli, chamomiles, juniper, lavender, eucalyptus, geranium and coriander.

Angelica essential oil since antique times was used to purify the blood, prevent the spread of infections and to protect from all kind of evil spirits.

From the emotional and spiritual perspective, Angelica Root helps us to connect with our Divine, to be open and receptive energetically and spiritually. It is great addition to meditation and yoga practices.

Angelica is also know as a very protective essential oil, it protects us from negative energy. At the same time helps to release already present negativity and energetic blocks.

It is very restorative and emotionally uplifting, it encourages dreaming, imagination, inspiration, creativity and inner vision. Angelica is also very good in promoting comfort and emotional strength, good for boosting the focus.

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Angelica is a fantastic essential oil in times of anxiety, depression, fear, instability, hopelessness, feeling of being stuck or blocked.

To summarize it all Angelica essential oil:

  • helps to connect us with our Divine, it is a grounding essential oil
  • helps to be open and receptive energetically and spiritually, good for meditation and yoga
  • is protective from negative energy impact, helps to release negative patterns
  • emotionally restorative, uplifting and relaxing
  • helps to reduce anxiety, depression, fear, hopelessness
  • encourages dreaming, imagination, inspiration, creativity and inner vision
  • promotes comfort, emotional strength, focus

I love Angelica essential oil, it’s one of my favorite oils. It has many benefits for both mental and physical body. Even though I like to concentrate more on mental and emotional levels, it would be really sad not to mention its benefits for the physical body.

  • promotes the reduction of accumulated toxins, supports healthy joints and is helpful for water retention issues
  • supports respiratory system, as a mild expectorant it makes it effective in providing a natural support for bronchitis, asthma, flu, coughs
  • known in China as a “female ginseng” it is used for providing natural relief for the discomfort related to menstruation and menopause
  • supports digestive system
  • beneficial for the nervous system, helps to reduce nervous tension, stress and fatigue
  • promotes emotional balance
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N.B.: Angelica root essential oil is phototoxic, avoid the direct UV lights on the skin for 12 hours after application, or check the safety…

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