Redefining Success with Reiki Guidance from Usui Sensei

It was a Thursday afternoon in March of 2020 when I learned the building housing my Reiki business would close down due to COVID-19. I had enjoyed many benefits of offering Reiki in a healthcare-related facility but those advantages switched to being liabilities once the virus arrived. I completed my remaining Reiki sessions and returned the following day to remove files, equipment, personal belongings and anything I may want to have since I would not be able to return for the foreseeable future.

I struggled on that Friday as I unpacked my car in our driveway. I so loved my Reiki space where I met the loveliest people for sessions. I had worked hard and built a successful Reiki practice. I enjoyed the staff and the facility and felt privileged to hold my Reiki classes and events just down the hall from my rooms. It felt like a perfect fit for me and I was consistently grateful for all I had achieved there—teaching and helping people through Reiki practice.

As I brought in the items I chose to bring home, I realized my professional Reiki practice was now completely unrecognizable to me and I needed to make some quick but thoughtful decisions about my next steps and what would be best for my clients. However, like everyone, I also felt personal stresses and fears relating to the unfolding pandemic and the accompanying uncertainty of what seemed like literally everything most of us, myself included, had taken for granted. I was confused about how to move forward.

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In the days that followed, I began to realize we had been given a sort of reset opportunity. The pandemic and resulting closures had served as interruptors to our usual routines and habits. My perspective began to shift and I started to contemplate success and what success means—not just to me personally and in my work but for us collectively. What are we really striving for? What is truly important? I sought new meaning and context regarding my work to help me know how to move forward.

Redefining Success with Reiki Guidance from Usui Sensei

In the midst of seeking these answers and guidance, I turned to Reiki. I sat quietly as I prepared to meditate as I offered Reiki to myself but suddenly I became aware of another possibility. Instead of offering Reiki to myself, I would offer Reiki to Usui Sensei. In all the years of my practice, I had never done this or felt guided to do so but had read about the possibility several years ago. I decided to give it a try to see what happened regardless of also questioning why he would even be open to receiving Reiki from me.

I placed my hands in Gassho and humbly called out to Usui Sensei in my mind. I stated I would like to share Reiki with him with gratitude in my heart for all he has done for us, his students. I then felt my mind going deeper and that he was with me there as the energy began to flow in my hands. I became more peaceful and I spoke to him to ask for guidance. I asked him about the meaning of success. Usui Sensei responded by saying that “success is measured by the joy in…

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