Reiki – An Analogy with the Bamboo

Bamboo is a curious plant that has some particularities.

The bamboo seed, when planted, has an underground growth period of about four years, seeking to direct its roots to obtain the best water and nutrient conditions. During this period only a small sprout on the surface indicates its location.

At the end of the fourth year, the sprout begins its development and easily reaches large dimensions (it is said that its height is equal to the depth of its roots).

It grows vertically, perfectly upright, it is hollow between nodes from which project the branches. Although a very simple and strong plant it is very flexible so, in case of a storm, it bends but hardly snaps, resuming its normal appearance afterwards. It shows us that the less a person opposes reality, the more resistant it becomes to live in fullness.

An analogy is established between Reiki Masters/practitioners and the bamboo:

The bamboo stem is hollow, void inside as is the space between the earth and the Universe (the Void). Like the bamboo, all those who have decided to accept the responsibility of being Reiki channels should be hollow, in the sense of being free of ego, since, as being channels, they only channel what the Guides and Masters allow them to channel. On the outside, they are a guiding tube of the cosmic energy; inside, they establish the connection and only energy flows. The Reiki Master/Reiki practitioner is a facilitator, if he channels, the energy, well or very well, the Masters should be thanked for it but, he has to do his homework (for instance, the example of the Reiki Master, as a person, his qualities, his teaching and leading capacities, his background, his spiritual evolution and his connection to the Energy are very important aspects to consider).

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Reiki – An Analogy with the Bamboo

The Reiki Master must have good roots, be simple, strong, vertical, grow upwards, in his inner path, stripped of the ego, just like the bamboo plant. In his path of growth, in his evolution, he is confronted with difficulties and choices of new paths, in which his free will certainly will allow him to choose the path that most strengthens him, or not.

These choices, these decision points, or difficulties, can also be compared to bamboo nodes. Each node of the plant corresponds to a stage of his growth, to a battle for life that has already been won. For the Reiki Master/practitioner each of these nodes symbolizes the different stages of route; the objective of his inner journey, his growth, his evolution, the path that he travels towards his objective.

No other plant, as beautiful and strong it might be, adjusts, so well, to REIKI. Verticality, on the path of Light, example of strength and integrity, firmness and flexibility in the face of setbacks. Sparse in its needs.

Bamboo is regarded as a plant that brings luck. The Japanese consider that painting bamboo is an art and, simultaneously, a spiritual exercise.

There is a phrase, by a great psychoanalyst, Carl Gustav Jung, who expresses well the importance of…

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