What Does it Mean When You Dream About DEVIL? 9 Meanings

We all fear the devil. Even as kids, devils are something we hear and see that put fear in our hearts.

The devil is also something that is used by adults to scare children off.

I remember my mom telling me to go to bed early before the devil comes out. I also can remember how I would wake up in the middle of the night sweating after I dream of the devil.

Now that I’m an adult, I have been thinking more deeply if there is a meaning behind this dream.

What is the universe telling us when we dream of the devil? Is it a bad thing? Is it a warning? Is it something that I should worry about?

In this post, this is what we’ll talk about. What does it mean when we dream of the devil?

I Dreamed I Saw the Devil! What Does It Mean?

seeing devil in dream

We always portrayed the devil in a negative light. This creature can cause these things:

  • Prolonged suffering;
  • Deep hurt;
  • Pain;
  • Massive losses.

But when we dream of seeing the devil, does it follow that we will experience any of those in the above list?

Seeing the devil in your dream is a wake-up call from the heavens.

It’s the higher being’s way of telling you that you may experience the worst of times if you don’t shape up.

Maybe there’s something you’ve been doing or engaging in that you know isn’t right or moral.

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Perhaps it’s an activity that you know isn’t the most ideal. Maybe you are doing things that are making you uncomfortable

When you dream of seeing the devil, then let the dream be a warning to do things differently.

It is the universe’s way of telling you to do things better or there might be catastrophic results.

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I Saw the Devil in My Dream… Is it a Warning Sign?


Unlike dreams of eating, talking, or traveling, it’s not every day that we dream of the devil.

It is for this reason that we tend to wake up shaking and scared out of our wits after seeing the devil in our dream.

But should we take this to mean a warning sign?

Seeing the devil through your dreams is not necessarily a warning that something bad will happen soon.

Instead, it’s a message that life also comes with challenges.

We may do our best to avoid hardships and suffering, but life comes with difficulties. This is what dreaming of the devil means.

It’s the universe’s way to remind you that in life there are ups and downs. Sometimes we will experience the highest of high feelings as well as the lowest of low.

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What Does It Mean When You Dream of the Devil? 9 Signs

What Does It Mean When You Dream of the Devil? 9 Signs

It can be quite scary to dream of the devil. I mean, we’ve all been afraid of him since we were kids. Does it mean he’s coming to harm us? No, it doesn’t! It’s more of a big wake-up call from the universe that you really can’t ignore.

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Even though you had this dream, your guardian angel was also present to make sure you were safe. He would never let anything happen to you.

Let’s now understand the meaning of having a dream of the devil:

1) Someone ast you a spiritual attack or spell

Have you been feeling any of these things after you dreamt of the devil?

  • Depression;
  • Spiritual doubts;
  • Depression;
  • Physical fatigue or body malaise;
  • Excessive feelings of rejection.

If you’ve felt or experienced any of these after dreaming of the devil, then it could be because someone cast a spiritual attack on you.

This means that you have a formidable enemy who is out to destroy your faith.

When this happens, simply take comfort in the Lord. Don’t let your enemy influence your mind and heart.

Keep your focus on the One above who can heal you and fight your battles for you.

It may be worrisome to know that you are under a spiritual spell but your belief in Him should see you through.

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2) Negative energies at work

Do you often drag your feet to work? Are you feeling unhappy with the talks among people in the office? Does your heart feel heavy after work hours?

If you have been feeling this way about work for some time now and your dream of the devil, then this means that you are dealing with so much negative energy in your workplace.

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Keep in mind that you spend most of your waking hours at work.

This is why many people say that your work is in a way like your marriage — you spend a considerable amount of time at work.

And if at the end of the day, you aren’t feeling good, and there’s so much heaviness in your heart then it’s time to reassess your job.

Your dream of the devil merely reflects the bad energy at the workplace. There seems to be some quiet and heavy silent battle going on every day at work.

If this is the case, take the dream of the devil as a message that you need to do some reflection on how to make…

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