Reiki, Crystal Skulls and Yoruba Spirituality

As we journey further into the Age of Aquarius, we have an opportunity to align with the ancient Hermetic/Universal Principle of Mentalism and ‘knowing’ along side the Yoruba Spiritual Transformation Principle of ‘Understanding’ and it’s keyword ‘Clarity’, as the scope and target of any focal point that mind attends to. The mind in our understanding that “ALL is Mind”, means all of creation exists in the mind of God/Creator/Divine Mind, and by extension our lives exist in our minds, first/foremost. Everything that happens, always happens first Spiritually in/as thought. And the Yoruba adage, “where the mind goes the behind follows” is more relevant than ever.

Yet to always keep this in mind is key, literally and figuratively (even though mind is not just located in the head, mind is the consciousness, all throughout the body in all sentient beings). Having a highly relatable symbol (because the subconscious mind relates to/communicates via symbols and is very literal so always be careful how you speak to it/yourself as it is always mentally recording everything) such as say a head/skull as a consistent reminder would be highly beneficial and keep us mindful. An even more perfect, and way beyond just reminder may be a crystal/gemstone skull, and even more specifically a ceremonially/ritually activated crystal skull.

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Thanks to companies/organizations like Crystal who state “several prominent experts and researchers in the field of crystal skulls are dedicated to bringing out the greatest potential in their own crystal skulls by connecting them with powerful crystal skulls and sacred places around the world. Activated crystal skulls have experienced a great deal of conscious activation through meditation, and through interaction with other powerful skulls, many of them ancient crystal skulls”.

To explain further Jaap Van Etten, PhD researcher/explorer states, “Crystals can be seen as the most pure form in which consciousness can manifest itself in this reality. This means that they are the best tools in existence to awaken, activate and stimulate our awareness. Being aware, being conscious, is of prime importance for our personal evolution. Crystals can help us to evolve and to transform everything that prevents us from evolving. What is true for crystals is of course equally true for crystal skulls. However, crystal skulls offer even more. They create together a unique field, that to some degree can be compared to the collective (un)consciousness of mankind. This energy field, the collective crystal skull field, has its own unique characteristics.”

And organizations like, which features Grandmother Flordemayo, Mayan Cosmology and crystal-skulls wisdom/lore and offers a variety of unique ceremonially/ritually activated crystal and gemstone skulls for adoption.


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