Remembering the Life Force in Every Cell

Did you know that Life Force Energy is already present in every cell of your body? We don’t have to do anything special to bring it to our bodies. It’s already there, inside of us and everything around us.

This energy is called by lots of different names, such as Source, God, Holy Spirit, Higher Self, and others. But the name we call Life Force Energy doesn’t matter. It is still alive and present within us, no matter what.

We don’t often think of having Life Force Energy flowing and pulsing within our bodies. Particularly in our fast-paced society, it is normal to lose touch with our breath and our pulse, which may serve as reminders. We may also have lost touch with things such as prayer, meditation, or spending quiet time outdoors, all of which can tune us into this Life Force Energy within and around us.

Forgetting that we are connected to and enlivened by a Source much larger than ourselves leaves us feeling lost, alone, and powerless. Even abandoned and afraid. Especially during difficult times.

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Remembering the Life Force in Every Cell

It is a simple practice to bring ourselves back into remembrance of the God Light in each of our cells and all throughout our bodies. Doing this practice at least once each day can bring deep relaxation to your mind and spirit, and renewal and reconnection to your body.

  1. Rest comfortably, in any position that feels peaceful and restful to your body. You can lie down or sit in a comfortable chair—whatever feels best to you. Cover yourself with a blanket, if you like.
  2. Begin to focus on your breathing. Allow your body to gently relax.
  3. Begin scanning from the top of your head to the feet, softly allowing peaceful relaxation to flow into each area of the body as you move down. Don’t worry if you have areas that are less able to relax than others. Simply invite them to relax and move on to the next area. You are doing fine!
  4. Once you have sent relaxation to the entire body, take a moment to simply breathe and take note of how this sensation of relaxation feels.
  5. Now, begin to recognize that the Light of God; Life Force Energy glows within every cell of your body. Take a moment to see or sense this glowing and pulsating light.
  6. Allow your focus to rest on your head and take note of the Light of God glowing within your brain, your eyes, your ears, your nose, your mouth, your throat, your neck, and brainstem.
  7. Now, let your focus flow down your spinal cord and notice this Light glowing down the full length of the spinal cord, through the cerebral spinal fluid, and throughout the nerves, all over the body. Take a few gentle deep breaths as you rest with this.
  8. Now, shift your focus to your chest. Notice this beautiful glowing Light flowing through your ribs, your heart, and your lungs. Notice that this Light is flowing through the air as you breathe in and it nourishes your lungs. See this Light enlivening your blood as your…
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