Manifesting Love and Relationships – Tips for Success

Manifesting love and relationships can be a struggle for many people. They believe manifesting love will make them the happiest person alive, but they often find it challenging to attract and maintain the relationship.

I firmly believe that, with the Law of Attraction, you can easily manifest successful, loving relationships.

You can manifest the type of relationship you want with the person you want, but you must follow it through to the end.

There might be times when things seem difficult – you might feel like you’ve lost hope or it seems like it’s taking forever…you might feel like it isn’t working or you’re doing something wrong…

But those are simply signs that you are not in vibrational alignment with the love relationship you want to manifest.

So let me give you some success tips for manifesting love and relationships:

1. With whom do you want to be in a relationship?

A specific person might come to your mind. Is it this exact person that you want or does he or she simply possess the qualities that you desire your partner to have?

If it’s an exact person, does this person genuinely satisfy all your needs or are you settling because you think there is no one else out there for you? Many times people fixate on a specific person because there is an underlying fear – fear of being alone, fear of rejection, fear of what others will think if they can’t make this relationship work…

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It’s easy to not recognize this fear when you’re caught up in the pain of heartache.

So imagine for a moment…

You are opening a door and before you is standing your specific person. What do you feel? Why?

If you’re surprised? Why are you surprised? Maybe a part of you no longer believes it’s possible to be together. If you’re happy, why are you happy?

What’s the next thing after surprise/happiness that comes up?

What is scary about him or her being there standing in front of you? Where in your body do you feel that?

What is it about him or her standing in front of you that makes you feel relieved?

Do you feel anger or a desire for revenge when you see your specific person standing in front of you?

These questions should have given you a better idea of whether it is the specific person you want or if he or she simply possesses the qualties that you’re looking for in a partner. It can also reveal the areas of resistance and blockages you need to work through before you can manifest the easy, successful relationship you would love to have.

2. What energy are you projecting?

Manifesting love and relationships requires projecting the right kind of energy. You might say, believe and truly want to be in a relationship with someone, but energetically you might be creating the opposite in every single way possible.

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There may be a specific person you want to be with who is exactly what you want, but he/she doesn’t act the way you want. He may not treat you the way you think he should. She may not be willing to give up the things you think she should.

It’s natural to begin to criticize the person. You might even begin to make sacrifices, try to change yourself, or make excuses for the other person just so that you can manifest a relationship with them. But you’re not truly aligned with the person or the relationship. You will end up projecting negative energy onto them and onto yourself.

You need to ask yourself if this is someone you truly want to be with. If they are, then learn to love them exactly as they are. Focusing on how they don’t act the way you want will only create more of those experiences. You have to stop focusing on all the hurt they have caused you if you truly want them in your life.

If you decide this isn’t someone you truly want to be with, look around and see if there’s someone who treats you the way you want. Have you been rejecting them? What is it about this person that is worthy of love? Have you been looking for a reason to not be with them even though they are what you want? Why? What are you afraid of?

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3. Opening up to manifesting your love relationship

Manifesting love and relationships occurs when you’re ready to throw away safety nets and the idea of settling for someone who is second best. It’s about loving yourself so much that you will only accept the relationship you truly want.

You have to release all sense of desperation and neediness, both of which come from fear. You have to deeply want the other person. You have to want to be with them despite any obstacles, any flaws, any hardships… You have to want to be with them for the good and bad, warts and all. This is the want that love comes from.

You have to be ready to be in a relationship with them AND you have to be ready to be happy with them.

When you are, you will have a loving mindset that naturally draws more love to you. It can happen sooner than you think. Just live as if you already have it and enjoy the process.

So who do you want?

That’s your key to successfully manifesting…

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