Self-Care During the Pandemic

As Reiki practitioners, many of us have been extremely busy during the challenging times of the pandemic. Due to my state’s guidelines, being in a high-risk category, and common sense, I have not offered person-to-person Reiki sessions since mid-March this year. I know many other practitioners are also in the same position. Yet, we have been busy with distant healing and distant training sessions.

It is easy to list some of the advantages of distant work – no travel time to our healing space (if outside of our homes); no dressing up required! Yet, there are other considerations that can sap our energy if we are not careful. Let’s consider the following possibilities:

  • Due to clients’ distress, we provide too many sessions in a day.
  • We receive many personal requests to pray and send Reiki for loved ones.
  • We find it more difficult to separate professional and personal duties.
  • It seems everywhere we look, there are global problems and we send Reiki to the situation – many times a day.
  • We feel overwhelmed by the pain of family and friends’ sicknesses.
  • We know someone, or several people, who became very ill or have died from the coronavirus.

As the pandemic continues, month after month, there is a cumulative effect building for many of us. Anyone can deal with a crisis for a few days, or a few weeks. However, the emotional effects of a long-term crisis can be damaging if we do not take steps to mitigate these.

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Self-Care During the Pandemic

Some of us may feel a sense of physical fatigue. We may have difficulties in sleeping throughout the night, achieving a solid 7 or 8 hours of restful sleep. We may not be getting enough physical exercise, as our gyms and swimming pools are closed. We may feel anxious and depressed. We may feel alone, as the community supports we had are no longer possible. The constant stream of negative news can take a toll on us – physically, emotionally and spiritually.

The most important thing we can do is give ourselves a good dose of Reiki every day! Take time to do at least one 10-15 minute session daily; and, two or three sessions would be better. Find another Reiki practitioner and do distant healing sessions for each other at least once a week. Make time to meditate daily. Connect with nature by taking walks or sitting under a tree. Stay in touch with family and friends – as much as possible, talk about topics other than the pandemic.

Don’t forget to laugh! Laughter is truly the best medicine – enjoy a comedy television show or movie. Read a humorous book. Laughter will provide an energetic balance, to the sad side effects of this disease.

If you are struggling to maintain a balanced perspective during this period of world crisis, remember to find hope – in whatever way that is beneficial for you. Call upon the Spirit World – your Divine Being, the angels, the spirit guides, your loved ones who have made the…

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