TB, Stomach Ulcer, Bone Marrow, Kidney Healing with Shiva Panchtatva

Article by Sangeeta Jha

We are energy and any issues happen in our system because our energy system is not clean. This is the fundamental of our energy system. If we are energy then what could be the better way to heal our any issues (health, wealth, relationships etc.) than the energy healing. As per my understanding if we can correct our energy system by any mean then our issues can be handled. Our current energy system is very dense, very intense and it has influenced by many past lives choices. So if we are going through any issues which is deep rooted and very severe then it is advisable to check the energy propagation of that issue in that life only.

That is what I did when one man approached me when he was near to death and he had TB, Ulcer and many other physical issues. Being an energy healer I have been solving many different issues. But this case really motivated me to write an article to spread the awareness of energy healing throughout the world.

When this man approached me he was hopeless and clueless. But he wanted to give a try to get back to normal life. I have learnt quite a few healing techniques from my beloved guru Neetu Jha (Inventor of Shiva Panchtatva) that also includes Shiva Panchtatva where we can check the person’s past lives and clear the energy’s of that karma and heal the clear the energy from the root.

TB, Stomach Ulcer, Bone Marrow, Kidney Healing with Shiva Panchtatva

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Just sharing the few steps which I followed to heal this case.

  • Step-1. Sit in meditative state
  • Step-2. Set the intention like “Dear Lord Shiva please show me the past lives of … which is causing him … issues”
  • Step-3. Draw Prakash symbol at the third eye (Shiva Prakash symbol is a symbol to see the past lives learnt in Shiva Panchtatva modality)
  • Step-4. Now a door will open and take you to that life where issues started, make Shiva Karma clearing symbols (taught in Shiva Panchtatva level-3) in that life to delete the karma of that life. Make other symbols of Shiva Panchtatva and Reiki to energies that life
  • Step-5. Next door will open that will have another life. Repeat the step 4
  • Step-6. Keep on repeating the above steps unless you see a free space. After that there, won’t be any door
  • Step-7. Now come back by closing each door. It means that you are coming out of that life.
  • Step-8. Heal the person with Shiva Panachtatva and Reiki for few days
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I tried the above steps for three days and could see the drastic changes in the client’s energy system. His health started improving and he was getting better.

He wrote me the following letter!

Hello Mam,
I’m Sara Bharti from Pune. I’m highly obliged to you as you have saved my life through your magical healing.
As I was suffering from TB, Stomach ulcer, bone marrow, kidney and liver problems five months before and depressed that I’ll never recover to a healthy life, God send you. You started the powerful healing and continuously counselled me to come out of depression and fight the disease . I got very good medical treatment…

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