Mother Earth in the Reiki Session

Article by Kathleen Johnson

It is no secret that our beautiful Mother Earth, or Gaia, is struggling greatly these days. Too many years of carelessness, selfishness, and greed have taken their toll on this beautiful planet we call home. As cohabitants on Earth, we are each accountable to Gaia and charged with the responsibility of caring for her. Like a loving mother, Gaia supports, nurtures, and grounds us, as she forgives our mistakes, and loves us unconditionally. This is evident in the promise of each new season, from the renewal of life each spring to the quiet sleeping darkness of winter. Her love is reflected in the beauty of the forests, the majesty of the mountains, and the awe-inspiring grandeur of the seas. Gaia’s love for her children is boundless, encompassing every form of life on the planet. She showers her riches upon us in myriad ways, and in return for these amazing gifts, she asks for nothing but to be treated with respect and love. Sadly, humanity is frequently unworthy of this devotion. The human race has plundered her riches, sullied her gifts, and damaged her splendor. Yet Gaia prevails, and continues to support and nurture us, even though she has been hurt by those she loves and cares for the most.

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Over the years I have become more and more passionately involved in honoring, restoring, and preserving her magnificence. I also learned, from Mother Earth herself, there is no better way to do this than in the context of a Reiki session.

Since Reiki found me, I have had the privilege and honor of conducting thousands of sessions with clients, students, friends, and family. I have come to know that Mother Earth is a steadfast and faithful ally on my Reiki journey. She is a welcome presence in many of my sessions, especially those in which the client has a strong connection and affinity for Her. She provides amazing insights, information, and a nurturing caring energy that is unlike any other. In fact, the quality of this energy is so distinct I am immediately aware of her presence when she arrives.

Therefore, I want to share some of the ways in which Mother Earth has contributed to my sessions, my spiritual growth, and to the well-being and growth of clients whom she has blessed.

Mother Earth in the Reiki Session

I first encountered Mother Earth in a Reiki session a few years ago, while conducting a session for a client I will call “Emily”, and who is actively involved in causes relating to the environment and preserving our legacy as stewards of the earth. As I began the treatment after invoking the assistance of Third Heaven energies and placing the intuitively chosen crystals, I became aware of a presence in the healing space, unlike any I had encountered before. As I continued to channel Reiki for Emily, a soft voice gently floated into my awareness. The voice spoke of healing and love; intuitively, I recognized it as Mother Earth, and silently expressed gratitude for her presence in the session. Throughout the session she continued to speak and…

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