Little Known Ways to Stop Smoking with Law of Attraction

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You have all the power within you to stop smoking…regardless of whether smoking is a habit or an addiction. Quitting smoking with the Law of Attraction isn’t about willpower or giving something up.

The Law of Attraction helps you change how you think and act so that you can quit smoking easily. It’s safe to stop smoking and remain smoke-free.

How to Stop Smoking with the Law of Attraction

1. Quit smoking by acting as a non-smoker. Law of Attraction success occurs when you act as if you’ve already manifested your dream. So if you want to quit smoking, the Law of Attraction requires you to act as a non-smoker.

How does a non-smoker act?

They don’t have a cigarette in their hands…what do they do with their hands? They put their hands in their pockets or they cross their arms.

They don’t have a cigarette to put in their mouth…what do they do with their mouth? They suck on a piece of candy, chew a piece of gum or take a drink of water.

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The next time you want to reach for a cigarette, act like a non-smoker.

2. Beware of the stop smoking Law of Attraction trap. Often people think that they will go through a withdrawal period when they quit smoking. The Law of Attraction tells us that this thinking is a trap because your thoughts create. If you think you will have trouble quitting and go through withdrawal, that is what will happen.

You can’t think that if you just make it through the withdrawal phase, you’ll be free and feel like a new person. You won’t! A smoker doesn’t feel any differently from a non-smoker. If you’re grumpy and complaining as a smoker, you’ll probably be grumpy and complaining as a non-smoker. If you’re happy as a smoker, you’ll probably still be happy as a non-smoker. Who you are now as a smoker is who you will be as a non-smoker.

Instead, think about how wonderful it is to be smoke-free. Think about how easy and natural it is to be a non-smoker.

3. Focus on why you’re quitting smoking. One of the things that makes stopping smoking difficult is that it seems like you’re giving up something. You might even feel like you’re being forced to stop smoking. These are beliefs that you shouldn’t focus on if you want to stop smoking with the Law of Attraction.

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In fact, the more you focus on “not smoking,” how you “can’t smoke,” or on “quitting smoking,” the more challenging it will be to stop smoking because when you focus on all the aspects of not smoking, the Law of Attraction brings you more smoking.

Instead, you should focus on what you’ll gain by quitting smoking, such as better health, more money, smelling better, etc.

Remind yourself that you can smoke if you want to, but you’re choosing not to because of the wonderful rewards you’re receiving.

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