Creative Ways to Use the Zibu Symbol of Blessings

Article by Sneha Khanna

Zibu Symbols are Angelic symbols that were channeled by the Angelic realm to Debbie Almstedt. In my previous two articles, I have explained a little about them. You need not know Reiki or any other healing modality for these to work. Just a pure heart and intent is the biggest tool you can have!

As guided by my angels, today we will focus on blessings. We all have something to be thankful for in our lives. We are all blessed in one way or another. However, often, we get so focused on what is not working that we forget to acknowledge that which is working! Angels wish to remind us that our lives abound plentiful abundance. We just need to open our eyes and adjust our focus. By acknowledging and counting our blessings, we actually attract more of them in our lives.

The Zibu Symbol of blessings “Sima” which resonates with the colour green is a gift given to us by our dear angels so that we may not only seek blessings for ourselves but also help share it with the world. You may choose to draw these symbols on paper, in the air or in your mind’s eye – whatever works best for you – also, do remember to chant its name “Sima” (pronounced as See- Mah) while doing so.

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Here are 12 creative ways of using this Angelic Zibu Symbol of Blessings – Sima

Creative Ways to Use the Zibu Symbol of Blessings


  1. Food and drink: In addition to the release, and healing symbol you can draw this symbol several times over your food and drink and request angels to bless it all for all those who may wish to consume these. You may also chant its name while cooking or place this symbol laminated as, or under your coasters, water bottles etc.
  2. Main door: By drawing this symbol over your main door several times in the air or actually placing a mural or small painting with this symbol on your main door, you can intend that angelic blessings enter your home and also shower upon those who pass through it. By doing this you are not only inviting blessings in your own life but also requesting that angels shower blessings on all who come to meet you – it could be your friends, loved ones, any salesperson, your milkman – just about anyone who comes through that door. What a wonderful feeling it would be to know that you have been a catalyst for inviting blessings in other’s lives as well.
  3. Children’s rooms: You can place a painting of this on the walls of your children’s bedroom or you can draw this symbol and keep it under their pillows to invite angelic blessings and love in their lives.
  4. Mother Earth: You can make this a bedtime ritual with your children or alone – Call upon angels and focus on and visualize Mother Earth in your mind’s eye and ask your angels to shower their blessings on her and all her inhabitants. Do this as often as you can and whenever you feel guided to.
  5. While traveling: You can call upon your angels and draw this symbol in the air while traveling and ask them to shower their blessings wherever you are.
  6. Bless your day: Each morning as you…
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