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This may come as a shocking surprise.

It may even stir up emotions of frustration.

But, it’s something you need to hear.

Let me share the tale of Sarah and Marie…

Two determined young women who left high school with the same drive, intelligence and common ambition of being the head honcho at a famous Fashion Magazine.

Sadly, as close as they were, they went to colleges in different states and completely lost touch.

But 10 years later, their paths crossed again. However this time, it was very different.

Both were working in fashion, but there was 1 major difference.

Sarah had made her dreams come true, she was working as a head Fashion Editor at a top fashion magazine.

Marie was… well… working on the retail floor of a mid-range fashion store.

What is it that makes this kind of difference in people’s lives?

How could 2 people start out on such similar paths, yet see such different results?

How can 1 person be so successful, yet another struggle just to get by?

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