Surrendering to the Infinite Possibilities of Reiki

Article by Stephanie Drane

As we all know Reiki works alongside our intention (or rather we use our intention to focus Reiki). We can direct with intention and have intended purpose for our Reiki, which is aligned to our desired outcome. Intention is important but what if we don’t know what we want, don’t have a clue whats best for us or have a blinkered view of what will work?

If in doubt as to intention we can always resort to ‘for the highest good of all’. I learnt that sometimes keeping the intention as simple as that is what works best for me.

I came to a point when I realised that I was bogging myself down so much with intention and trying to be so specific that the Reiki was flowing but in a slow trickle. My inner dialogue was garbled and babbling something like this: “I’m channelling Reiki with Love and Gratitude for self healing and this purpose and in the hope that that turns out well and also for this and that and the other and to bring about healing to this situation and that thing….and on and on……..for the highest good of all.”

Surrendering to the Infinite Possibilities of Reiki

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One morning during self healing I felt exhausted from all the chatter in my head, defining and describing all my intentions, and I just surrendered it all to Reiki, the Divine/the Universe.

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Why was I trying to force Reiki this way or that? Reiki is intelligent, goes where is needed and works for the highest good anyway! Intention is great but in surrendering to Reiki I allowed myself to stop all the inner dialogue and just feel. Being in the moment and surrendering to the gentle power that is Reiki, I felt it surge in, flowing and moving through and around me and filling my body, aura and life with Love, Light, and healing. The moment I took my attention out of my head and focused instead on sensing and experiencing, I realised the full beautiful, infinite potential of Reiki. All of the human stipulations and instructions I was trying to use as intentions were so small and narrow in comparison to this beautiful, all encompassing force for good. There are infinitely more possibilities out there than my small human brain can conceive, all I need to do is have faith and trust Reiki, knowing that it will work for the highest good of all. Remembering that Reiki is right there in all it’s immense glory and power ready for us to welcome it in and allow it to work.

Some affirmations to help with surrendering to Reiki

  • I trust Reiki, all will be well.
  • I surrender to Reiki in love, faith, and gratitude.
  • I allow myself to let go and trust Reiki.
  • Reiki – do your thing! Thank you.
  • I step aside, in awe of the infinite possibilities of the Reiki I channel.
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Stephanie Drane
Stephanie Drane

Stephanie Drane is a Reiki Master, Holistic Therapist and Spiritual Artist in Suffolk, England. Stephanie’s mission…

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