The Jewel Is in the Lotus – Number 44

Article by Saummitta A Mazumdar

The 7 main chakras with their currently popular names, their number of petals or segments, their currently assigned colors, and their traditional Hindu colors

Chakra Petals / Segments Color(current) Traditional color
Crown Chakra 960 or 971 or 1000 Violet or White
Brow Chakra 2or96 Indigo or Violet Luminescent Blue or White
Throat Chakra 16 Blue Smokey Purple
Heart Chakra 12 Green Smokey Green or Grey
Solar Plexus Chakra 10 Yellow
Sacral Chakra 6 Orange Light Blue
Root Chakra 4 Red Yellow


Our energy centers are associated with a specific number of petals. Each of the chakras is like a lotus flower. In meditation, these petals can be seen, shining brightly rotating horizontally on vertical axes. They emit hues of light in a petal like formation.

It took some time to understand the repeating number 44, to delve deeper, I had to undergo an experience; is to heal my Heart Chakra to understand the true essence of this number.

Our heart center is associated with number 4 where our threefold flame resides “the divine seat of unconditional love”. The repeating number 44 is an extension of number 4 hence when added it gives us number 8 (4+4 =8). In astrology the 4th house is assigned to planet Moon, color is white and is associated with nurturing and caregiving mother. The 4th house resonates with our 4th chakra – Heart Chakra.

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Number 8 is the karmic number in numerology ruled by Saturn. We cannot dissolve our karma without having unconditional love and forgiveness. Astrologically Saturn is exalted in Venus’s airy sign (Libra), denotes change in quality and matter, hence, transformative and bestowed with alchemical properties. Moon is exalted and strong in Venus’s earth sign (Taurus) related to our material wellbeing, solid and heavy with weight hence its grounds us, the Venusian qualities are love, pleasure of senses, luxury, art, creativity creation etc. The transmutation takes place through Heart Chakra. Once it’s get cleansed, the energy flows uninterruptedly to upper spiritual chakras. The 8th ray chakra is associated with the antechamber of Heart Chakra, is comprises of 8 petals “The seat of love”; the most sacred place of all. Lord Maha Cohan is the rainbow bridge to spirit, one who clears away karmic debt and teaches us the karmic lessons. Maha Cohan radiates in white color, hence White Tara has been assigned as a new Ascended Master (Cohan) to take care of the 8th spiritual realm.

The Jewel Is In the Lotus - Number 44

There is a saying – “that we cannot share once we do not possess”.

Similarly, we cannot bestow love and affection, unless our soul is immersed into it. Love makes us whole and complete and unconditional love is the spiritual essence of our karmic life.

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Number 8 is associated with our karmic lessons learnt in past and in current lifetime we can only dissolve our karma through forgiveness and spreading unconditional love.

Those who witness repeating numbers 44, 404, 4444 and 4040 when…

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