The Reiki Energy Flow

Through our experience, our teachers give us all their knowledge to better understand Reiki. The nature of Reiki is so abstract to our physical lives that it is often beyond our mental understanding. So that knowledge has to come to us through personal experience so that we embrace it and make it our own. Reiki is vital, pure, and divine energy. And beyond this wonderful feeling of spirituality that it gives us, it is subject to the natural laws of our universe like all of us.

In Reiki, there are two concepts that can be difficult to get along with

  • On the one hand, my teachers told me “the Reiki energy flows where it has to go, trust and it will come”.
  • On the other hand, I also received the indication to put my intention to send Reiki to certain issues.
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He found that these two concepts had some degree of contradiction. If the energy flowed where it had to go, no matter how much intention he put in taking it to a certain place it would always go to that point of need.

However, in my experience so far both concepts can exist simultaneously. My understanding of it came with a healing experience.

The group of Reiki students where I took my first levels, we helped each other by sending Reiki remotely to those who needed it. In this way, I participated in sending Reiki to a woman who had cancer. Dozens of people sent Reiki for the healing of this woman. I am very confident in the effect of Reiki and was wanting to know what the result of this healing was. She had hoped that some aspects of her health would improve dramatically. Reiki can always surprise, in reality, it is our expectations that cause that surprise. This woman had given her consent to receive Reiki, but she did not know how many people would participate in this healing and did not place too many expectations on the treatment since she had other concerns.

After a week of healing, I had news about the woman. He had taken a very difficult step for her, had separated from her partner. I understood that Reiki was very important for her to take this step that was her path to healing. I understood that the energy had reached the point where it was needed the most at that time and that it was not about physical healing, but about personal transformation.

The Reiki Energy Flow

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Since then I understand Reiki as a flow (of water could be) that (physically speaking) always goes from a point of higher potential to one of lower potential. In other words, it goes from the top of the mountain to the base. And this is the only way you can do that tour. The greatest need will be at the base of the mountain, the more Reiki you send the energy will rise and spread the entire mountain and cover all needs. This is the importance of doing daily self-treatments. And the intention refers to the different peaks that the same mountain can have. In this way, on one occasion we will send the peak of the…

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