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Rat Ox Compatibility

Opposites attract; this is a popular maxim that would certainly suit Rat Ox compatibility that would be experienced between the Rat and the Ox of the Chinese zodiac. Sitting next to each other in the zodiac circle, there is a great chance that these Rat Ox soulmates would be complementing each other in their love affair. The Rat lover is famous for their flexibility and their wisdom. On the other hand, Ox lover is admirable with regards to their ambitious natures.

The best part is that they bring solidity in Rat Ox relationship that they enter into. From this, it is evident that there is something good to expect from both lovers. This does not mean that their love would be free from any challenges. Just like any other love match, Rat Ox love compatibility would be faced by unavoidable obstacles. Below is a discussion that brings to the table the good and the bad side of this match.

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Rat Ox Compatibility: Positive Traits

Rat dating Ox would kick off on a positive note for these two lovers. Rat is a social sign. They have a way of manipulating people to fall in love with their charms. This is an essential aspect that will win over the heart of the Ox lover. The Ox will not open up right away. This is a plus for Rat Ox friendship since they give each other some time before deciding to move in together. Once they take the next step in their relationship, they would be certain of the steps to take. Therefore, the signs of Rat Ox compatibility working are definitely promising.

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The sexual aspect of Rat Ox in love is quite intriguing. Rat Ox sexuality is passionate in nature. Moreover, they have a dire need for attention that boils in them. This could have an impact on how Rat Ox in bed relate to each other. The Rat man understands that his woman craves for attention as much as he does. Therefore, for things to flow smoothly, it is highly likely that they would be meeting in the middle here. Both the man and woman would try their best to express their attention to each other. Rat Ox love compatibility will therefore flourish when lovers are fully aware of each other’s demands.

From a long term perspective, the Rat and Ox compatibility also has a chance of making their love to blossom. This would happen when they focus on complementing each other. The good news is that this can be somewhat easy for them. The Ox’s grounded nature would be an aspect to appreciate in this love match. They would bring some common sense into the impulsive nature of Rat. The Rat will have to learn about having a plan. Such plans will help them in getting things done successfully without having to be impulsive. In addition to this, the Ox lover will tutor the Rat on the importance of taking life slowly. The aspect of rushing in to complete certain projects will only pose great risks to their lives. This is one important thing that the Rat lover will learn from the Ox.

Equally, there are lessons to be learnt by the Ox lover in this Chinese zodiac match. Right from the beginning of their first conversation, it is quite predictable that the Rat will point out the benefits of socializing that the Ox is not accustomed to. Staying at home the whole day is not as enjoyable as the Ox might have been thinking. Over the long haul, they would learn this from the Rat lover. This is an outgoing partner that seeks for excitement without being afraid. Therefore, if at all both lovers are compromising enough, there is a chance that Rat Ox compatibility can get complementary. Knowing that your partner can help you out in a certain area gives you the excitement that both of you can make things work.

In matters relating to family life, expect Rat Ox love compatibility to flourish. The main reason for this is that the Rat lover has a strong inclination to a family life. Therefore, they would focus on having a stable family with the Ox lover. Good news is that the Ox would not disagree to this. Keeping in mind that they are loyal, this gives a high expectation that Rat and Ox marriage could succeed. The best part is that the Ox lover would give the Rat a simple life filled with joy. Both of them simply need to meet in the middle to ensure that they appreciate the best things from both their worlds.

Rat Ox Compatibility

Rat Ox Compatibility: Negative Traits

Things might not be smooth all the way in Rat Ox love compatibility. There are instances where the Rat would be considered as a betrayer of the Chinese zodiac. Their cunning nature could have a negative impact on the teamwork being experienced in this relationship. It might reach a point where the Ox would consider the Rat as selfish.

The social aspect of Rat Ox compatibility is also questionable. The Rat is outgoing whereas the Ox is an introvert. This means that in real life, there is a chance that these lovers might have to fight over when to go out and when to stay indoors. It is for this very reason…

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