The Reiki Principles and Tarot Elements

This is something that came to me while teaching a Reiki lesson to students that have also been to my Tarot classes. For me, this connection provides an enrichment between these two, beyond using Reiki to charge and clear my cards.

These are the Reiki Principles:

?  Just for today, I will not be blinded by anger.
?  Just for today, I will not be blinded by worry.
?  Just for today, I will feel grateful.
?  Just for today, I will do my work honestly.
?  Just for today, I will be kind to every living thing.

by Mikao Usui, I don’t know who translated it.
I added “be blinded by” and “feel”

The Tarot Elements are:

? Fire – represented by wands
? Water – represented by cups
? Earth – represented by pentacles
? Air – represented by swords
? Spirit – represented by major arcana

And now we combine them.

Just for today:

?  I will not be blinded by anger – Fire ?? – Wands |
?  I will not be blinded by worry – Water ??- Cups ?
?  I will feel grateful – Earth?? – Pentacles ✪
?  I will do my work honestly – Air?? – Swords ⚔
?  I will be kind to every living thing – Spirit ☥∞ – Majors ?

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In knowing these, when I do a Tarot spread I can be mindful of where I may need to strengthen a Reiki principle in my life in relation to the question. It might even tell me that I’m doing better than I think I am! Some examples:

  1. If I’m getting a lot of wands maybe instead of stewing in anger or blindly acting out in anger I need to work on setting a boundary and choosing to transform that anger into a drive to make things better, transmuting it to purpose and hope.
  2. Or perhaps I am getting a lot of cups as an indicator that perhaps I need to transmute worry into faith hope and trust.
  3. Maybe with pentacles I need to remember to enjoy what I do have, to feel and be grateful for that.
  4. With swords maybe I need to notice what justifications I am making in making choices for someone instead of empowering them, or being dishonest with myself about myself.
  5. And with spirit, I need to always remember who I am and who I want to be and to allow all things to exist, honoring transformations. All the stories must be told. A tree can only grow so fast even in the most ideal conditions.
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The Reiki Principles and Tarot Elements

Image by keithgonzalez

Here are two actual spreads and reading examples.

1. A quick one-card reading, “What do I need to keep in mind today?”
I pull Queen of Swords.

Swords is what I call the “cutting through the BS” suit. It’s also about transformation, thoughts, reasoning, truth, and ethical logical behavior. The Queen of Swords is a logical person who gets things done, and is meticulous, but can be quite stern. This card could be reminding me that part of doing my work honestly is stay true to my personal code of ethics and not let others pressure me into doing…

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